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Alibaba Launches Alifun Home Entertainment Cloud Service for Families

Alibaba Group launched a family entertainment cloud plan called Alifun.  The Alifun service will enable family members to play online games, watch television programs and online videos as well as shop online at home via a cloud network that can work across any terminal device such as TV sets, mobile devices and set-top boxes.  Alibaba did not specify when the ... Read More »

Alibaba Makes Investment in Wasu

Alibaba Group reached an agreement with Zhejiang-based Wasu Group to further tap into the cultural and new media sector,  according to a statement made by Alibaba on  Weibo.  The two companies will cooperate in the development of original content, online gaming and music, as well as the cloud computing sector, Alibaba said. Wasu Media Holding Co, Wasu’s listed arm on ... Read More »