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Wand Inc.: Bad Search is Costing Money

BIIA member Wand Inc. has recently published a White Paper: Value of Descriptive MetaData for Enterprise Search. There are two main types of information that most organizations need to manage: 1) structured data, which is usually in databases and often quantitative in nature; and, 2) unstructured data, or text.  Structured data is handled fairly well with business intelligence tools and ... Read More »

WAND Inc. Announces ‘WAND Within’ Taxonomy Partnership Program

WAND, Inc., the world’s leading provider of taxonomies in the information management industry, today announced the launch of its WAND WithinTM Taxonomy partnership initiative with an impressive roster of nine top search and information management vendors who each will be offering the WAND Taxonomies to customers as a part of its respective technology solution. WAND Within founding partners include BA ... Read More »

WAND Taxonomy Helps to Classify Billions Spent on Specific Products

WAND partnered with a few of the leading spend management and strategic sourcing consulting firms to classify billions of spend into specific WAND Product and Service Taxonomy categories.  The output is then delivered back to our spend consultant partners who present the complete analysis back to clients.   To read the full story click on the link. Source: Wand Inc. Read More »

Taxonomy: The Route to Value Added – Major Enterprise Software Vendors Get the Message – while Content Providers in General Appear Ignorant

BIIA member WAND Inc. (http://www.wandinc.com/) is now very widely acknowledged as a market leading player in horizontal and multi-lingual taxonomy and classification development.    Wand has dedicated its 15 years of existence entirely to the business of developing taxonomies which are product based thus go beyond the traditional route of UNSPSC, Harmonized Codes or NAICS , as well as those superficial ... Read More »

WAND’s General Business Taxonomy now available as a free download for the SharePoint 2010 Term Store

Taxonomy provides a jump start for companies who are looking to leverage the taxonomy and managed keyword capabilities in Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Denver, CO, USA — WAND, Inc. announced, in conjunction with Microsoft, the availability of WAND’s General Business Taxonomy as a free download for use in SharePoint 2010’s term store. The General Business Taxonomy includes 535 categories covering five ... Read More »

WAND Announces Launch of New Taxonomy for Information Technology Departments

WAND, Inc announced the release of the latest entry in its enterprise taxonomy library, the new Information Technology Department Taxonomy. Designed specifically for IT departments, this new information technology taxonomy gives a major jump-start to any enterprise content project that is organizing IT related documents. With over 1,700 categories and several hundred synonyms, the Information Technology Department Taxonomy contains a ... Read More »