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Ark Analytics Launched in Switzerland

We came across a recent start-up called Ark Analytics AG based in Switzerland.  The company offers a range of analytics capabilities for use in banking, corporations and insurance.  It is our understanding the founders and the expertise of Ark Analytics came from Hellastat Greece information and rating company. CREDITARK® is a complete solution for the support of decision making in ... Read More »

S&P Capital IQ Introduces New Credit Risk Indicators

S&P Capital IQ has announced the development of newly calibrated models to provide point-in-time, short to mid-term, and long-term measures of credit risk for all non-financial corporates and financial institutions across the globe.   The models are designed to identify weakening credit, and help users strengthen their surveillance process for both rated and unrated entities. The global database from S&P ... Read More »

From the 8th WCCRC 2012 Conference in Taipei: Benefits Flow to UK Water Company from Sharing Payment Data

Jonathon Harding presented the success achieved by Yorkshire Water company in the UK of sharing payment data with the credit industry.  Amongst the benefits were an increase in the quality of their customer data, enabling them to improve the number of records on their file with full name & address from 25% to 75%.  This improvement allowed them to improve ... Read More »

Nepal Credit Bureau Appoints D&B Credit Bureau and Analytics (Dubai) as Technology Partner

Karja Suchana Kendra Limited (KSKL) appoints D&B as the technology and business partner to upgrade the Nepalese credit bureau.  Established in 1989 under the directive of Nepal Rastra Bank, Nepals’s first and only private credit bureau – Karja Suchana Kendra Limited (KSKL) has appointed D&B as a technology & business partner. KSKL is jointly owned by Commercial Banks, Finance Companies, ... Read More »

Cyber Security Awareness: Where Should Awareness Start?

Start with grasping the significance:  Most people know the terms — malware, spam, virus, trojan, denial of service, phishing, etc. and so may be deluded into thinking they know how these scams work.  In fact,  the techniques used in cybercrime represent levels of sophistication far beyond the grasp of most people and too many businesses. So how is cyber security ... Read More »