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IBM Q3 Revenues Down 5% – Earnings Flat

Total revenues for the third quarter of 2012 of $24.7 billion were down 5 percent (down 2 percent, adjusting for currency) from the third quarter of 2011.  Net income of $3.8 billion was flat year-to-year; or $3.9 billion, up 3 percent excluding the impact of UK pension-related charges.  Operating (non-GAAP) net income was $4.2 billion compared with $4.0 billion in ... Read More »

IBM Launches Online Marketing Service

IBM has combined a number of its online marketing software programs into a unified service, called the IBM Marketing Center. The IBM Smarter Commerce offering has been designed for organizations to outsource their online marketing efforts, eliminating the need to purchase and stitch together new marketing software and hire an IT team to manage it.  The service provides the ability ... Read More »

IBM Reports New Cloud Offerings for Smarter Commerce

At the Smarter Commerce Global Summit, IBM announced new software designed to help improve data sharing and automate complex marketing and supply chain processes in the cloud. IBM is introducing IBM Commerce on Cloud, an integrated enterprise class e-commerce solution in the cloud that spans marketing, selling and fulfillment.  Designed to help chief marketing officers (CMOs) and e-commerce executives quickly ... Read More »

IBM Advances Big Data Analytics with Acquisition of Vivisimo

IBM is gobbling up analytics expertise.  Following the acquisition of Algorithmics from Fitch Group IBM announced a definitive agreement to acquire Vivisimo, a leading provider of federated discovery and navigation software that helps organizations access and analyze big data across the enterprise.  Vivisimo is a privately held company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Financial terms were not disclosed.    This acquisition accelerates ... Read More »

New IBM Software Accelerates Decision Making in the Era of Big Data

IBM announced new software to provide clients with a sophisticated way to tame the data deluge and speed up business processes, making it easier for decision makers to gain insights from data.   Based on innovations from IBM labs, the new software continuously accesses, compresses, and analyzes data, freeing up IT staff to work on higher value tasks such as big ... Read More »

The Second Front in the Search Engine Wars is Patents

That Internet companies fight each other viciously over access to users and hence to advertisers is obvious. But there is another fight going on, and winning it may not only impact the revenues of these companies but their very survival.  This fight is over patents.  Yahoo has lots of them and it is engaged in protracted court battles with Google ... Read More »

Marketing Managers Look for Actionable Information

According to a recent IBM study of 1,734 global chief marketing officers, the number one marketing challenge is to turn mass amounts of available data into information that allows companies to take action. Today’s customers can shop around the globe, find out more than ever before about the organizations they’re dealing with, and share their views with hundreds of thousands, ... Read More »