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New PERC and TCAI Study: Is CROA Choking Credit Report Literacy

A newly released study finds that implementation of the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA) discourages interested consumers from learning more about their credit reports and scores, creating conflicts with other federal laws and public policy objectives. The authors, from the Policy and Economic Research Council (PERC) and Take Charge America Institute (TCAI) at the University of Arizona, examined data from ... Read More »

PERC Study on Expanding Credit Access for ‘Credit Invisibles’

Fully Reported Utility and Telecommunications Payment Data Could Expand Credit Access for “Credit Invisibles,” PERC Study Finds Using fully reported utility and telecommunications payment data (timely and late payment information) in credit reports and credit scores could expand credit access for significant numbers of Americans with thin or no credit files while decreasing credit risk for lenders overall, according to ... Read More »

PERC Releases Study on Comprehensive Credit Reporting in Australia

PERC released a new study detailing the impacts of more comprehensive credit reporting in Australia and New Zealand. The report, Credit Impacts of More Comprehensive Credit Reporting in Australia and New Zealand, summarizes the results from a joint undertaking by PERC and Dun & Bradstreet Australasia using credit data from 1.8 million Australians. “The results of the analysis provide strong ... Read More »

Use of Alternative Data for Financial Inclusion Spreading Globally: Mobile Phone and Social Network Data Show Promise

PERC lauds the initiative taken by the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP) of the World Bank Group to drive financial inclusion using mobile phone call log data or the call detail record (CDR) as part of a person’s digital footprint. PERC approached CGAP and other organizations on this concept nearly five years ago, proposing research and seeking a ... Read More »

A New Pathway to Financial Inclusion: Alternative Data, Credit Building, and Responsible Lending in the Wake of the Great Recess

This PERC study compares results with data from2005/2006 and 2009/2010 credit reports to assess the consumer credit impact of including fully reported alternative data in credit reports. The data was selected to capture the period during which unemployment and late payments spiked. Authors:  Michael A. Turner, Ph.D., Robin Varghese, Ph.D., Patrick Walker, M.A., Sukanya Chaudhuri, PhD. To download the report click ... Read More »

US Credit Report Quality: Vast Amount is Accurate According to PERC Study

US consumers can rest easier if they are concerned that there is a likelihood that errors in their credit reports are negatively affecting their credit worthiness, a new study released by the Policy and Economic Research Council (PERC) shows. Conducted under rigorous peer review, the PERC research is the most comprehensive and statistically sound study to ever be performed on ... Read More »