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Data Security: Record Year for Data Breaches?

Experian Data Breach Resolution released a collection of educational resources for businesses with anecdotes and advice on how to prepare for and manage a data breach. Compiled based on the company’s history of servicing some of North America’s largest data breaches, the initiative packages key learnings from Experian’s behind-the-scenes support of more than 2,000 client breaches last year. This includes ... Read More »

Experian Data Breach Resolution Releases White Paper

Report provides insight into the current regulatory framework around data breach notification and what to expect going forward Experian Data Breach Resolution released a white paper today, “Policymakers Review Focus on Data Breach Laws,” analyzing the current legislative and regulatory landscape around data breaches. Legislation to establish a national data security and breach standard remains undefined, sustaining uncertainty as to whether ... Read More »

Equifax Canada Launches Data Breach Resources Website equifaxprotect.com

Equifax Canada (NYSE:EFX) launched a new Data Breach resources website (www.equifaxprotect.com)  in response to a recent rash of data breaches and pending legislative changes aimed at protecting organizations that collect and maintain personal data. With Data Breaches on the rise (Equifax 2013 annual statistics reveal an increase of over 250% from 2012 in the reported data breach occurrences), all organizations ... Read More »

FICO: Plan Ahead for Potential Data Breaches

Does your company have a crisis plan?  The unfortunate truth is that for every preemptive countermeasure that you introduce, devious criminals will seek and may eventually find a way around it. That is why a truly best-practice approach includes proactively establishing a crisis plan for what to do if a data breach occurs. A data breach crisis plan should include: ... Read More »

FICO: Best Practices to Prevent Data Breaches

A record number of data breaches occurred in 2012—a dramatic 48% increase from 2011 in the US alone—resulting in billions of dollars in fraud losses FICO has compiled a comprehensive set of best practices for managing the risks associated with data breaches.  These protective measures are based on an analysis of clients who have experienced breaches, combined with input from ... Read More »

Equifax Canada Suggests that a Good Defense is the Best Offence in Combatting Data Breaches

Equifax Canada (NYSE:EFX) co-sponsored events this week bringing together Canadian regulatory, legal, and privacy experts to discuss the best practices surrounding data breach. With proposed legislative changes pending in Canada, organizations are now implementing pre-breach policies and controls to prepare for and mitigate the legal and financial ramifications of a data breach.  Guest speakers from Equifax Canada, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP and both federal and ... Read More »