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D&B Adds Portfolio Risk Manager to DNBi Enterprise

New product helps credit managers effectively manage risk and improve internal communication through simple, actionable one-click risk reports D&B (NYSE: DNB) announced the launch of the Portfolio Risk Manager (PRM) add on module for DNBi Enterprise Edition.  The new module provides DNBi Enterprise Edition customers with up to two million accounts with an aggregated view of their entire portfolio, quickly ... Read More »

High Value Services Growing as Percentage of GDP – Driving Demand for Compliance and Credit Management Professionals

According to BIIA’s contributing editor, Dr. Chris Kuehl, high value services are growing as a percentage of GDP.   The high value services category is described as business and professional services and this includes accounting, law, credit management and payroll management.  This category now accounts for 12.2% of US GDP.  In comparison manufacturing has retreated to 11% of GDP in 2009. ... Read More »

The Quote of the Week: Enterprises without a Functional Credit Risk Management Live Dangerously

In a recent interview with the German credit management magazine “Der Kredit Manager”, Dr. Michael Freytag, Chairman of the Schufa* management board, stated that “credit managers hold a relative important position in the decision hierarchy of an enterprise.  In essence credit management and credit information are intertwined as a basis for economic success.  He is fully convinced that Credit Management ... Read More »

Credit Management: The Name of the Game is to Ensure Sound Cash Flow

Today’s business environment is characterized by homogenous products and services with little scope for differentiation, supply exceeding demand, more knowledgeable customers, free market economy, e-commerce, highly competitive markets, high cost of doing business, and lower profit margins. Customer loyalty is something of the past and it has become a hard nut to crack to maintain market share, let alone increase ... Read More »