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Country Risk Climate: Trends to Keep an Eye On

China – new visa requirements; Czech Republic – a vote about the government’s existence; Ecuador – the irony of the asylum for WikiLeaks founder Assange; India – relaxed rules for overseas borrowing; Japan – an unexpected trade deficit; Romania – President Basescu can stay in office; Tajikistan – a minor civil war has come to an end. Other countries listed ... Read More »

China to Become Largest Online Retail Market by 2015

According to a report released by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), China will become the world’s largest online retail market by 2015 with a sale value of US$364 billion.  By 2015, 8% of all retail sales in China will be conducted online according to BCG. There were reportedly 513 million Internet users in China in 2011 – a penetration rate ... Read More »

China Banks Outperforms the World Bank

The China Development Bank and the China Export Import Bank made loans of over $110 billion last year while the World Bank made loans of just over $100 billion. The nature of these loans has been interesting and illustrates the strategic needs of the Chinese. There were a number of loans based on access to oil from Venezuela, Brazil and ... Read More »