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Is There a New Breed of Forward Looking Credit Bureau Solutions on the Horizon?

When asked what made him an outstanding hockey player Wayne Gretzky replied,” I skate where the puck is going, not where it has been”. Unlike today’s credit characteristics which are based upon an historical perspective of a consumer’s behavior, this new breed of credit characteristics anticipate future consumer credit profiles allowing lenders to tailor credit offerings and risk management strategies ... Read More »

Would Time Series Credit Scores Add Value to Consumer Credit Reports?

Research results indicate that historical balance and credit limit amounts on consumer credit reports may significantly improve the performance of credit risk models. Initial analytic offerings involving this new information from U.S. Credit Reference Agencies (CRAs) appears to be focused on the “low hanging fruit” of improved credit scores and decision support rules. Hopefully, CRA resources are also investigating new ... Read More »

Velocity Credit Characteristics Expected to Significantly Improve Credit Models

In an independent study released by Capital Services, Sioux Falls SD performed in conjunction with South Dakota State University researchers concluded that enhanced time series information recently introduced by the leading U.S. credit bureaus will significantly improve credit scoring and decision support platforms across all aspects of the consumer credit lifecycle http://www.sdstate.edu/mathstat/upload/A-Credit-Evolution_ASMBI.pdf .  As a leading payment portfolio management and ... Read More »

BIIA Welcomes Chet Wiermanski as Contributing Editor

  Credit Reporting and Scoring Expert Chet Wiermanski Joins BIIA as a Contributing Editor.  David Worlock, Chairman of BIIA stated:  “We are pleased to have Chet Wiermanski on board as contributing editor and having answered our call for volunteers to contribute their expertise for the younger generation and for the benefit of our industry as a whole.” Chet Wiermanski is ... Read More »