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Information Literacy: German Teachers Call for Compulsory Teaching in Informatics

According to a survey conducted by the German IT Association BITCOM, a majority of Germany teachers call for the compulsory teaching of Informatics.   Approximately 73% are supporting an introduction of this subject in general, 45% of teachers support it specifically and 28% are positively inclined. The highest support for the compulsory introduction of Informatics can be found among teachers in ... Read More »

BIG Data: Every 10th German Corporation Utilizes the BIG Data Concept

According to a survey of CeBIT less than ten percent of German corporations are utilizing the BIG Data concept.  However, thirty-one percent of companies are planning to do so in the foreseeable future.  The survey was conducted by BITCOM and was presented by its president Dieter Kempf at the opening of of CeBIT, the German Computerfair in Hannover. Kempf stated ... Read More »