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Meet our Full Member Business Information Agency (BIA) – Georgia

BIIA welcomes its newest member the Business Information Agency (BIA) (Georgia)

B“Business Information Agency” (BIA) was formed in April 2013 following an increased demand on business information services in Georgian corporate market.

Even though BIA is a newly formed company, it has been accumulating experience, know-how and skills to build a model of business information database similar to the ones operated in the western world since 2002 under the name of “National Credit Information Bureau” (NCIB). NCIB – a founder of BIA is also author of other successful businesses and projects such as “Creditinfo Georgia” (www.creditinfo.ge) and PR Exchange (www.prx.ge).

Since its inception, BIA has managed to establish itself as an innovative leading company in the business information field. BIA is the sole Georgian provider of business information to the international risk (insurance, credit, operational risks) management companies and investors. It partners with the world known companies in the business information field such as D&B (Duns & Bradstreet) (USA), Kompass (France), Interfax (Russia), IGK AG (Latvia). Besides, through its international partners, BIA provides local companies with the reliable business information and by doing so, makes for local companies the process of finding new leads, foreign partners and making strategic decisions easier.

Over 10 years experience in providing local business information that can be used for sales, marketing, research, purchasing, etc. has resulted in development of a new product – “Business Catalogue” (www.bcat.ge) – a comprehensive, largest and continuously updated online database. “Business Catalogue” is a B2B database with more than 10,000 domestic companies listed, which link buyers and sellers to each other.

The information in the database is divided into the following categories: (1) General Information, (2) Marketing Information, (3) Financial Information, (4) Management Information and (5) Company News (PR Exchange).

Each company has its own profile in the “Business Catalogue” that includes the following information: company registration data, contact information, industry/ field of operation, name of founders, contact information of top-management, company size, number of employees, export-import by country and product, international and local partners, banking and insurance service providers and other information useful for businesses.

The most important and innovative feature of “Business Catalogue” is its user-friendly search engine. Over 30 search filters allows users to target the companies they need with the utmost precision. For example, user can search, find, create and download from “Business Catalogue” such information as a list of large companies, with the turnover that exceeds 5 million, while number of employees is 50 and exports are made to Ukraine.

The “Business Catalogue” data is collected, maintained and enhanced by team of BIA on regular basis to ensure that information in “Business Catalogue”  is up to date and relevant for clients’ needs.

Business Information Agency (BIA)
#47/57 Kostava Str.
Tbilisi 0179
[email protected], [email protected]

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