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Meet our Full Member Wand Inc.

Wand Inc. Denver, Colorado, USA
A Leader in Taxonomy

Since 1995, WAND has developed structured multi-lingual vocabularies with related tools and services to power precision search and classification applications on the internet. From our custom travel, jobs and skills, and medical taxonomies to our cornerstone Product and Service Taxonomy and Local Search Taxonomy, WAND’s taxonomies are well-structured, deep, precise, and best in class.

In addition to licensing its taxonomies for integration into third party applications, WAND leverages its taxonomies internally to build precision horizontal and vertical online business directory applications. Powered by WAND directory applications have been matching buyers and seller on the internet since 1996. WAND serves customers on five continents.

WAND Product and Service Taxonomy
The WAND Taxonomy contains over 70,000 terms covering all major industries and is organized into an intuitive, easy-to-navigate “poly-hierarchical” structure. In addition to the natural language based product and service terms, there are over 1,300,000 associated attributes and attribute values for identifying products and services down to a catalog specification or “SKU” level. The taxonomy undergoes continual dynamic development based on user feedback in conjunction with specialized industry and customer requirements. The WAND Taxonomy is available in eleven languages and can be mapped to any existing product and service classification system.

WAND Local Search Taxonomy
Leveraging over a decade of development on the WAND Product and Service Taxonomy, the WAND Local Search Taxonomy enhances the results of local search style engines and portals on the Internet to eliminate failed searches. The WAND Local Search Taxonomy includes structured local search query terms and meta-data terminology covering nearly all of the queries that are entered by users in a local search environment. When this rich local search vocabulary is combined with advanced spell check and approximate match search technology, the result is that nearly any search will return a relevant result providing a satisfying experience for local search users and driving targeted business to local search advertisers. Best of all, the Local Search Taxonomy can work side by side with an existing local search platform to greatly improve the search without too much heavy lifting.

Powered by WAND Business Directories
Powered by WAND Business Directories use an advanced architecture built around the WAND B2B Taxonomy. WAND directory solutions provide a robust and intuitive search interface of any product and service or based data. Powered by WAND Directories are searchable in eleven languages and are fully customizable with multiple combinations of features and functionality to meet any customer’s needs. The platform can be adapted for use with other WAND Taxonomies or for use in an enterprise environment for vendor identification and electronic cataloging.

Why WAND Technologies Are Unique
Free text search on the Internet often returns results that are irrelevant and unsatisfying forcing the user to wade through pages of garbage in order to find the information she is looking for. Taxonomies built by WAND are developed with a focus on providing sophisticated structure to efficiently direct users to a targeted and relevant set of information each and every time. Each WAND taxonomy is revolutionary in its space for its depth, broad coverage, and precision terminology. WAND taxonomies can be integrated into enterprise class applications including, but not limited to: search and discovery, knowledge management, content management, document retrieval, and more. WAND is readily able to expand upon our existing taxonomies to create more robust vertical segments. With our existing expertise, WAND can develop custom taxonomies rapidly, cost effectively, and in multiple languages.

WAND, Inc. is the leading developer of online directory technologies. Powered by WAND directories are internet based directories that can generate revenue for its directory operator customers and provide savings to its enterprise customers by making assets such as suppliers fully accessible and available. The WAND Product and Service Taxonomy-based classification system, multiple-language capabilities, cross-network distribution, and rapid implementation are unique to the industry.

WAND’s Target Markets
The WAND Taxonomy has been licensed by companies in the directory publishing, supply chain management, knowledge management, and e-commerce industries.

The Powered by WAND directory platform is ideal for yellow page companies, associations, banks, trading companies, chambers of commerce, trade promotion agencies, credit information providers, enterprise supplier directories, domain name directories, and any application where a robust system for classifying product and service based data in a structured and searchable environment is necessary.


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