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Meet our Full Member Tinubu Square

Tinubu Square is the leading independent company specialized in designing, implementing and managing innovative solutions for Credit Insurance, and Credit Risk Management, dedicated to financial institutions and more specifically credit insurance companies.

Tinubu Square combines a state-of-the-art technology platform and a team of internationally recognized experts in Credit Insurance.

Tinubu Square’s platform operates under an ASP model and is based on following modules:

  • Policy holder web interface (credit limit management, buyers’ portfolio management, statistics production…)
  • Policy holder notifications (decisions, reductions, cancellations, daily report on limit changes)
  • Risk assessment (scoring system available on 6 European countries, manual risk underwriting services, buyer assessment module –individual limit, aggregated exposure-)
  • Risk information (connectors in place with various information providers over Europe, risk monitoring)
  • Receivables financing interface (invoice and payment information management, indemnity and collection monitoring, web interface with banks.)
  • Policy management module (policy terms and conditions monitoring, insureds access profiles, brokers profile)
  • Commercial underwriting engine enabling to set automatically and on-line premium rate and policy terms from the policyholder’s profile, based on algorithms, industry standards and the credit insurer’s strategy.

Risk Management Center (RMC SaaS) especially developed for corporates: Tinubu Square is now making available the quality of its analyses, its reliability and its technological lead to French and European groups and companies. Providing rapid credit assessments, simple to use, designed to receive tens of thousands of client accounts without needing to invest time or IT resources, Tinubu Square’s RMC currently has no equivalent on the market. For companies with wide-spread and complex operations, with numerous branches and subsidiaries, the RMC offers complete visibility of all their risks as well as a comprehensive monitoring service. Collaborative and easy to use, it manages information received from multiple sources and represents the perfect place to share economic, financial and commercial data.

For SMEs and large international groups alike, Tinubu Square’s RMC is also the “perfect tool” for managing credit insurance policies. By automating most of the time consuming administrative tasks involved in managing a credit insurance policy, the RMC gives the credit manager freedom to concentrate on his real job: risk strategy and adapting it to current economic conditions.

Credit Insurance Suite (CIS) developed for credit insurers and brokers: Numerous credit insurers, including some of the largest, have chosen Credit Insurance Suite for its range of software which covers the specific functional needs of a credit insurance company; for its capacity to collect and structure information from multiple sources as well as its competence regarding credit risk analysis. The reactivity of its systems, which provide a same day service for 93% of credit limit requests on France and 85% on Europe, has enabled Tinubu Square to be selected by credit insurers from emerging market countries as their choice of partner for managing their risks in Europe and North America.

Tinubu Square is already active in Asia and expects substantial growth for its technology platform in Asian markets. Tinubu Square was founded in 2000 and resides in Paris, France and has offices in London and Singapore.

1, rue Gaston et René Caudron
Telephone: +33 (0)1 55 95 85 85
Fax: +33 (0)1 55 95 85 80

Email: [email protected]


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