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Meet our Full Member CRIF

CRIF Profile

CRIF, an international success story CRIF is a Europe-based company, established in 1988 in Bologna (Italy), specialized in the development and management of credit reporting, business information and decision support systems with operations in Western, Central and Eastern Europe and in the Americas.

CRIF’s mission is to support financial institutions, service providers, businesses and consumers with its complete range of informative services and solutions so that they can easily make informed decisions.

The company supports banking and financial institutions, insurance companies, utilities and general businesses in every phase of client relations. CRIF’s contribution involves planning strategies for accurate market evaluation, including its local characteristics, the acquisition of new clients through timely and reliable support systems for the assessment of credit and commercial risks, and for marketing. It furthermore involves portfolio management and development through careful and constant monitoring of activities and the definition of strategies targeting business expansion, and debt collection activity through specialized companies.

Thanks to its capability to develop long term partnerships with its clients, CRIF is the leader in the provision of solutions for the retail and SME (small medium enterprises) markets in Italy and in several other countries thanks to its credit bureau which facilitates the credit underwriting process and credit access for households and businesses. More than 1200 banking and financial institutions use CRIF services on a daily basis.

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