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Meet our Associate Member HG Data

HG DATA New LogoHG Data is the new wave breaking in applied data science, pioneering natural language processing and artificial intelligence to transform massive quantities of unstructured data into actionable business intelligence.  Founded in Santa Barbara, California in 2010, the 40-person team of data scientists is known for its detailed census of installed enterprise technologies, including thousands of specific software, hardware and services products. Among other applications, this intelligence enables B2B customers to target sales and marketing programs, personalize online experiences, and feed data to trigger analytics scoring and market share analysis.

How is it different?  Unlike other data providers who maintain call centers and perform traditional surveys, HG Data indexes billions of unstructured documents from the open web plus offline sources to deliver proprietary data directly to 25% of Fortune 500 technology companies.  Other customers are served by premier data partners and analytics vendors.

HG Data offers full coverage of business locations in the U.S., Canada and key Asia-Pacific territories, and is rolling out EMEA coverage in 2015.

15 W. Figueroa Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

[email protected]

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