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Meet Our Member Debitor Registret, Denmark

Bisnode_cmykDebitor Registret (DBR) was created in 2004.  In the mission statement of Debitor Registret it is said that ensuring the accessibility of credit information to all Danish companies is a goal in itself.  By creating a free service to report bad payers to DBR a whole range of SOHO companies gained benefit from DBR, at no extra cost.

DBR runs all systems 100 % based on the internet in a very stable environment, ensuring almost 100 % IT uptime.  In 2011 the IT-uptime was measured as being 99,99 % and it seems like 2012 can produce the same.  More than 100 companies have a direct API connection to DBR via DebitorDirekte – a gateway delivering credit information and secure validation of customers. More than 21.000 companies, from 100 different lines of business report their defaults, consumers and businesses, to DBR.  And it grows with 14 more every day.  In 2012 also defaults from the Danish tax file will be registered in DBR.  The customers of Debitor Registret consists of most of the Telco industry, many companies in the finance industry and the primary bank sector.  Having a dialogue with, or a customer relationship with most of the largest potential customers in Denmark focus has been expanded to include the more than 250.000 SOHO companies as search customers.  Through an expansive 3rd party resale strategy, and through product development, Debitor Registret has more than doubled the number of customers 3 weeks after launching the new volume based products.

All of this development has been made with the “Work smarter – not harder” mindset.  This is the main reason why DBR can be one of the fastest growing credit bureaus in Denmark, and above all only with 12 employees.

Debtor Registret is a member of the Bisnode Group

To learn more about Debitor Registret or to contact the company click on this link

Debitor Registret A/S
Gyngemose Parkvej 50
DK-2860 Søborg

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