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Users of Information

A New Wave of Information Users Gathers Pace

The economic crisis caused by the credit crunch appears to have a profound impact on existing ways of acquiring and using information.   Unemployment has forced many aging workers from the workforce, leaving the field of information usage to younger workers who grew up in the computing and connected age.  These younger workers demand new tools and access to information the ... Read More »

Extending Credit to SMEs: Discussion on LinkedIn

A credit manager asked the following question: SME entities generally do not have proper succession planning. Does it restrict access to long term finance? Joel Ntefuni Nandan comments:  Generally a good risk manager in taking a decision to approve a loan over a certain tenor will satisfy himself per his judgement that the borrowing organisation will at least operate as ... Read More »

Meet our Full Member Schufa Holding AG Germany

SCHUFA Holding AG is the leading information and service partner for the credit-granting industry. By providing credit relevant information, the company helps its customers, including banks, savings banks and retailers, make decisions on the granting of credit. For consumers, modern shopping thus becomes simple, quick and unbureaucratic. Information on products and services for consumers as well as online access to ... Read More »

Meet our Full Member Teikoku Databank America (TDB)

Teikoku Databank America, Inc. is one of the leading sources of Japanese business intelligence.   TDB began operating in 1992 in New York as a wholly owned subsidiary of Teikoku Databank, to provide various Teikoku Databank services to countries in the world.  Its parent company Teikoku Databank is one of the premier business information providers of Japanese corporate, industry, and ... Read More »

Meet our Associate Member Crediteyes

CREDITEYES INTERNATIONAL CREDIT & COLLECTION CO. LTD BUSINESS INFORMATION AND CREDIT MANAGEMENT SERVICES Crediteyes International Credit & Collection Co., Ltd (Crediteyes), based in China, is a professional supplier of business information and credit management service. Now Crediteyes ranks as the third largest credit agency in China with 20% market share. Our service covers 190 countries around the world. For the ... Read More »


CRIF ENFORMASYON DERECELENDIRME VE DANISMANLIK HIZMETLERI A.S. was established in 1989 to the demand for business and financial information to economic players in Turkey. Working in collaboration with Turkey’s leading banks, Finar developed models that allowed these banks to evaluate their credit allocation and review processes. Finar, also supplies data and credit reports to the financial institutions. With extensive experience and ... Read More »

The Curse of Microfinance

It all began as an act of kindness.  Microfinance is meant to lift people out of poverty. But the women of Peddammagadda say microfinance has become a curse. This shanty town on the outskirts of Warangal, a city in the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, has been overrun by loan agents from India’s highly competitive microfinance industry.  For the ... Read More »

Credit Managers Index Shows Resurgent Growth

The index improved dramatically in the last month and for the best of reasons. There are two sectors that can get the index to move. The first is the collection of favorable factors like sales, credit applications submitted, dollar collections and amount of credit extended. The second is the collection of unfavorable factors. These are the indicators that one wishes ... Read More »

SME Succession Planning – A Key Element in Risk Assessment

LinkedIn Group: SME Finance in Emerging Markets discusses the importance of succession planning in risk assessment of SMEs.  Tejas Parikh from Mumbai raised the question:  “SME entities generally do not have proper succession planning. Does it restrict access to long term finance.” BIIA’s managing director Joachim C Bartels commented: Succession planning plays a key role in risk assessment of companies, ... Read More »

Credit Management Disconnect – A Discussion on LinkedIn

The credit risk management function often finds itself operating as a silo; separate from other key organizational function. However, in reality the success of any credit risk management function is completely reliant on these other functions and similarly their ultimate success is profoundly impacted by the credit risk function.  A silo mentality in such inter-related fields will always lead to ... Read More »

Credit Management – The Necessary Evil Function?

Joseph Busuttil, director general of the Malta Association of Credit Management, started a discussion on LinkedIn implying that the credit management function is often seen as a ‘necessary evil’ function and therefore of little help in providing sustainable competitive advantage for a company. He states that an adequately equipped credit function is an indispensable resource. Properly skilled and trained credit ... Read More »

About the NPAC (Number Portability Administration Center)

The NPAC System is part of the infrastructure for the telecommunications industry, providing the portability that supports the continued convergence of wireline, wireless, voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) and IP communications. Today, the NPAC is the world’s largest number portability registry, managing over 500 million telephone numbers for over 2,000 carriers across the U.S. and Canada . The NPAC has been administered by CIS-Lockheed ... Read More »

BIIA AT UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development)

BIIA participated in the expert panel “The Impact of ICTs on Business Sectors” and presented on the subject of “Trade Finance: The Case of e-Credit Information”. BIIA’s presentation touched upon the key issue of public sector information, which is dysfunctional in many developing countries, thus impacting negatively the creation of accurate, reliable and timely credit information.  While UNCTAD is placing ... Read More »

The State of Information in Global Markets (2005)

The attached compressed presentation was delivered by Joachim C Bartels at the FCIB International Credit Executives Conference in Chicago in April 2005. The slides illustrate the risk characteristics at that time. To view the presentation click on the link:  Compressed- Chicago EIS Conference April 2005 Read More »