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Country Risk Information

Credit Information Regulations in Russia:  Who has the Right to See a Credit History?

Russian citizens, as well as companies residing in the Russian Federation have the right to view their own credit history.  However if somebody wants to review credit history of a third person (company or consumer), prior consent is required in writing authorizing access to their credit records.  The Term “credit history” has only appeared in Russia since 2005. Since that ... Read More »

USA Country Risk Climate: Credit Management Index Signals Financial Stress

The March report of the Credit Managers’ Index (CMI) from the National Association of Credit Management fell further this month, surprisingly, indicating that some serious financial stress is manifesting in the data.  Concern is growing as the CMI flirts with the contraction zone, anything under 50, for the first time in nearly five years.  “We now know that the readings ... Read More »

Country Risk Climates: Trends to Keep an Eye On

Belarus – stirring up the potash market; Middle East – alarming developments in Yemen that open up a new front in the Sunni-Shia confrontation; Nigeria – on the eve of potentially troubled elections; Tajikistan – FX crisis made in Russia; Ukraine – financial help may have to wait. AUSTRALIA:  The coming weekend may pose a new political challenge for the ... Read More »

Country Risk Climates: Trends to Keep an Eye On

Denmark – a concession to commercial banks; Georgia – renewed proof of Russia’s expansionism; Norway – toward lower interest rates; Sweden – the Riksbank doubles down on its monetary easing. BRAZIL: The real is taking a beating in the midst of a near-perfect storm of troubles. For now, the Central Bank has stopped supporting it, but there is anyway little ... Read More »

Country Risk Climates: Trends to Keep an Eye On

Indonesia – a special tax on imports of raw materials; Korea (South) – joining the bandwagon in the direction of looser monetary policies; Thailand – lower interest rates as well; Ukraine – the IMF is granting a USD 17.5-billion bailout. ALGERIA: To preserve the country’s stability through the Arab Spring, the regime has relied heavily on a mix of police power ... Read More »

US Country Risk Climate: Trade Deficit Worsens Fast

It was not long ago that the United States was boasting of its improved trade deficit, but those days are gone and unlikely to make a comeback anytime soon. The whole issue of a trade deficit can be tricky to grasp, as a wide deficit between what one sells and buys may not be a bad thing, just as having ... Read More »

China Risk Climate: Corporate Overdue Payments in China at High Levels

Slower growth and increase in non-performing loans expected in 2015  Coface, a leading trade credit insurance company, published asurvey on corporate credit risk management in China, which reveals that 8 out of 10 corporates experienced overdue payments in 2014.  Coface forecasts that GDP growth will slow down to 7% in 2015 (vs 7.4% in 2014). As corporates are still facing ... Read More »

Trade Credit Insurance in Asia Seen as Top Area for Growth

Asia seen as top area for growth by trade credit insurance industry Asian members of the International Credit Insurance & Surety Association (ICISA), recently met in Hong Kong to discuss current market trends and the outlook for the industry in Asia. Richard Wulff, Group General Manager Credit & Surety at QBE and Chair of the Asia Committee: ”Members of ICISA see ... Read More »

Country Risk Climates: TRENDS TO KEEP AN EYE ON

Argentina – a helping hand from a local judge; Brazil – the real is taking a beating; Egypt – a new investment law in the making; Poland – the last interest rate cut? CHINA:  Some lawmakers in the US are still pushing the notion that the PRC ought to be declared a “currency manipulator.” What they ignore is that the ... Read More »

Australian Risk Climate: Second Quarter Expectations Slip as Optimism Fades

Borrowing and Investment Intentions Stall Despite earlier indications that the business sector would take steady steps forward this year, the latest survey of Australian firms reveals that expectations and levels of optimism have returned to 2014 levels. According to Dun & Bradstreet’s Business Expectations Survey, the percentage of businesses that are more optimistic about growth in the next 12-months has ... Read More »

Credit Managers’ Index Decline in February Surprises

The National Association of Credit Management’s Credit Managers’ Index dropped significantly this month, an unexpected decrease considering where projections were a few months ago. “That is a nasty drop and at no point in the last year has it been that low,” said Chris Kuehl, NACM economist and cofounder of Armada Corporate Intelligence. “The reduction in the overall score was ... Read More »

Country Risk Climates: Trends to Keep an Eye On

Czech Republic – still a tug of war over the exchange rate cap; Hong Kong – a budget with a number of sweeteners; Singapore – the first increase in the top income tax rate in decades; Ukraine – a ban on commercial FX trading. AZERBAIJAN:  The CB abandoned efforts to keep the manat stable in the face of plunging oil ... Read More »

Country Risk Climates:  Trends to Keep an Eye On

Botswana – lower interest rates; Czech Republic – speculation that the FX cap may come off; Indonesia – reverse course for interest rates; Mexico – keeping an eye peeled on US trends. ARGENTINA:  The President’s final months in office are promising to be even more turbulent than her administration has been to date, overshadowed by debt and economic problems and ... Read More »

Country Risk Climates: TRENDS TO KEEP AN EYE ON

Kazakhstan – headed for the next devaluation? Paraguay – credit rating upgraded; Sweden – an unprecedented credit and monetary stimulus; Venezuela – yet another “new” FX market. DENMARK: The Kingdom is still battling forces trying to separate the krone from the euro, and for now it should be able to hold the line. The interesting thing is that if the ... Read More »

FCA due diligence review now vetting the finance sector

The Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) current thematic review into due diligence practices is this month scrutinising how advisers assess products and services and what barriers they may be facing in the process. The FCA – an independent UK body that regulates the conduct of over 50,000 businesses – is currently looking into advisory firms who engage, from a series of ... Read More »

Country Risk Climates: TRENDS TO KEEP AN EYE ON

Costa Rica – the de facto floating of the colon has been made official; Ecuador – struggling with low oil prices; Greece – the European Central Bank no longer accepts Greek sovereign debt as collateral for its liquidity operations. BRAZIL:  Brazil watchers keep lowering their economic growth expectations for the country. Encouraging indicators are few and far between and the ... Read More »

Australian Risk Climate:  Sales and Profits Expected to Ease after Christmas Boost

After reporting a strong end to the year the business sector has trimmed its short-term outlook for sales and profits, while indicating plans to increase employment. According to Dun & Bradstreet’s Business Expectations Survey, the sales expectations index for Q2 2015 has eased to 33.6 points, down from the previous quarter’s 10-year high of 38.7 points and flat compared to ... Read More »