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Country Risk Information

Country Risk Climates: Trends to Keep an Eye On

Latest Headlines: Egypt – lower interest rates won’t perk up the economy; Greece – Resistance within the IMF against more aid to the Hellenic nation; India – more FX controls; Zimbabwe – another disputed election? BRAZIL:  While many investors have soured on Brazil, this is certainly not true for all of them. Calls for a return by Lula da Silva ... Read More »

Credit Managers’ Index (CMI) Falls in July

The latest Credit Managers’ Index (CMI), published by the National Association of Credit Management (NACM), showed a minor decline in July, led by a sharp drop in collections. The “dollar collections” category hit one of the lowest readings of the past year—only three months in the last twelve were lower than in July, suggesting that there are some additional strains ... Read More »

Australian Risk Climate: Consumer Financial Stress Levels Continue to Ease

Consumer financial stress continues to ease this year as Australians maintain a focus on shoring-up their financial position in the aftermath of the global financial crisis and as unemployment creeps higher. With the unemployment rate edging up to 5.7 per cent in June, its highest level since September 2009, the consumer attitude towards increased savings which was established following the ... Read More »

Country Risk Climate: Trends to Keep an Eye On

El Salvador – a credit rating downgrade; India – the latest round of investment liberalization; Singapore – disappointing growth; Venezuela – the second FX auction under the Sicad system. Central African Republic:  Four months after the power-grab by a rebel group the country is a humanitarian disaster …. …. Cuba:  Hugo Chavez’ death and Venezuela’s economic problems have forced Cuba ... Read More »

Cambodia Investment Flash

The Cambodian Kingdom stands to gain much from its first steps towards greater integration into the region and international community.  Driven by a vibrant society and a strong undercurrent of economic potential, GDP and FDI growth rates are predicted to remain among some of the highest in the world over the next few years. Discussions at the 2012 ASEAN Summit ... Read More »

Country Risk Climates: Trends to Keep an Eye On

Australia – Kevin Rudd is back as Premier Argentina – official FX reserves are dwindling and the creation of a new kind of funny money Ecuador – thumbing its nose at the US; Mongolia – a re-elected President; Qatar – an unusual succession story. Sierra Leone – bankers and others are banned from travelling abroad without police clearance; Thailand – ... Read More »