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ICISA President Tesch on Growth and Dialogue

Andreas Tesch, Chief Market Officer and member of the Atradius N.V. Management Board, was elected President of ICISA at the Annual Meeting in Hamburg last June. He is not a stranger to the Association as his past with ICISA goes back to 2001. In this interview he shares his views regarding the Association and his goals as President. Andreas Tesch ... Read More »

Coface Hong Kong Offers Online SME Credit Insurance

Coface Launches an Innovative Offering For SMEs in Hong Kong: Easyliner, a Simple On-Line Solution to Protect Against Unpaid Invoices Coface is introducing an innovative solution targeted at SMEs, recognizing that a quarter of bankruptcies are linked to unpaid invoices.  SMEs are particularly vulnerable to the consequences of unpaid invoices, because they are the least protected.  SMEs are also the ... Read More »

How to Channel Innovative Finance to SMEs

The Financial Times recently published an article written by Matt Gamser and Paul Lee concerning access to finance for SMMEs.  Gamser and Lee point out at the end of the article that there is no single solution for financing SMMEs, but in institutional diversity there will be greater support for innovative firms.  Governments should support the responsible growth of these ... Read More »

Encompass in Deal with SAI Global

Encompass and SAI Global have announced a deal granting SAI Global exclusive, perpetual rights for the visual information management solution Encompass in Australia. The agreement, which was announced at SAI Global’s Annual General Meeting in Sydney today, was described as a strategic win for the ASX listed company.  SAI Global will gain a significant competitive advantage by securing these rights.  ... Read More »

Facilitating SME Financing Through Improved Credit Reporting

Editorial comment on the current hype on data protection in Europe and how it may impact SME access to finance in particular and access to finance by individuals in general.  Not too long ago the World Bank issued a paper on the subject of facilitating SME financing through improved credit reporting (see link below).  The paper originated from a notion ... Read More »

Bank Payment Obligations & Friends have a Stranglehold on the LC and will soon finally lay it to rest….

Alas poor Letter of Credit!  I knew him well, Reader: a fellow of infinite costliness and complexity, but most excellent utility in enabling trade betwixt strangers. How so the demise of the LC?  He doth bestride the narrow world like a Colossus, and all petty alternatives walk under his huge legs and peep about. BIIA’s contributing editor Ron Wells writes about ... Read More »

‘The Future of Trade Credit and Surety Insurance’

A new white paper ‘The future of Trade Credit Insurance’ is published by Russell Group Limited, a risk management software and service company, for which Robert Nijhout, Executive Director at ICISA was interviewed.   The white paper explores the current export and credit environment, supply chain disruption, global sovereign debt concerns, and the threats posed by non-payment and political risks. ... Read More »

Andreas Tesch, the New President of ICISA Targets SME Sector

In an exclusive interview with Global Trade Review (GTR), the new International Credit Insurance & Surety Association (ICISA) president Andreas Tesch has singled out SME finance and stronger association links as key aims moving forwards. In his first interview as president of ICISA, Tesch spoke to GTR about the association’s goals and ambitions, and also his personal view of the industry, with ... Read More »

Credit Insurance: Trade Environment Improved, but Certain Risks Threat to Recovery

The members of the International Credit Insurance & Surety Association (ICISA) met in Hamburg for their 72nd Annual General Meeting to share and discuss market and industry developments. The economic environment continuous to improve, but it is acknowledged that there are still risks threatening the recovery, such as lack of adequate SME financing, continued high sovereign debt levels and political ... Read More »

Risk Assessment:  There is a Naive Belief that Mathematical Models can Foretell Future Risks…

The article titled “Well Short of Model Behaviour” written by Brandon Davies (CEO of dRisk.biz) and published in the October 2013 edition of Financial World (www.financialworld.co.uk) provides an excellent description of the development and abject failure of financial risk modelling, as currently practiced. Reading the article is highly recommended. Mr Davies’ perceptive conclusion is quoted here to pique your interest: ... Read More »

Trade Credit: UK Suppliers Extend More Credit than Banks

It has always been known that trade credit is the largest form of short term capital.  The difficulty is to get hold of accurate estimates of the total amount of trade credit extended annually. According to a report “Charting the Trade Credit Gap”, by Professor Nick Wilson of the Credit Management Research Centre at Leeds University and Taulia, the credit ... Read More »

FCIB Munich Conference:  Transparency Increasing but Risk Remains

FCIB hosted its annual International Credit & Risk Management Summit on May 11-13, offering global credit professionals a rich opportunity to hone their international risk management skills and build their professional networks.  From shifts in global economies to especially pertinent regulatory compliance issues to detailed contract negotiation practices, the event provided attendees with a master class in how to manage credit in ... Read More »

UK Business Secretary Targets Corporate Structures

British business secretary Vince Cable has announced that he wants to see a public register of businesses’ true owners to improve transparency, combat tax evasion and reduce money-laundering. Tax authorities could then use the register to identify UK corporate ownership structures that are being used to channel or hide illicit funds, what the secretary calls the “darker side of capitalism”. ... Read More »

Trade Credit Insurers Report New Business Growth in 2013 – Industry still Concerned about Fragile Recovery

Trade credit insurance members state that the market is characterized by strong competition and new business growth in 2013.   This however is negatively influenced by the ongoing economic and political conditions in part of the world. The claims picture in 2013 differs per country with average claims size decreasing in Western Europe, Spain and Portugal.  Claims frequency increased in the ... Read More »

Credit Managers Index: Big Reversal for February

It is that time again – the latest edition of the Credit Managers Index has been released by NACM.   It appears that this will be another of “those” years – at least it is starting out that way. In December of last year the overall index fell to a low point of 55.6. That was not good news as ... Read More »