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Regulatory Framework

India: Wilful Defaulters May Face Trial in 30 Days

Over 40,000 cases worth Rs 1.73 lakh crore (US$28bn) of Wilful Defaults: The India finance ministry had set up a committee to come up with effective measures to deal with wilful defaulters The Indian finance ministry had set up a committee to suggest measures to deal with wilful defaulters. VK Bhasin, former secretary in the law ministry’s legal department, is the advisor ... Read More »

The New Privacy: It’s All About Context

Adopt Contextual Privacy to gain A Market Advantage says Fatemeh Khatibloo of Forrester Research “Privacy is dead”: It’s a trope so often repeated you might actually think it’s true. But in the age of smartphones and sensors, privacy is not only possible, it’s essential for building trust, the foundational currency of social, mobile, and local services. Context is key: Businesses crave ... Read More »

Public Sector Information: Why Companies Should Care About XBRL Data

In 2009, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) mandated that all public companies disclose their financial statements using eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL), a standardized method for reporting financial and business data that allows for easier analysis and improved company comparisons. Beyond the compliance mandate, however, enterprises have been missing a huge opportunity to leveragethis rich data in areas of ... Read More »

USA: Proposed Regulations Aims to Unlock the Potential of Alternative Credit Data

FICO BankingAnalyticsBlog reports that in a world of Big Data analytics, debate continues to heat up around the potential of “alternative data” to benefit both businesses and consumers.  This hot-button issue has caught the attention of leaders on Capitol Hill. Two congressmen in particular are actively pursuing new legislation that would expand the payment data found in credit reports. US ... Read More »

Unintended Consequences: New Proposed EU Data Protection Rules May Retard Access to Finance for Consumers

A major overhaul of current EU data protection rules was voted by the EU Civil Liberties Committee this week. The new rules are to replace the current “patchwork of national laws” and the EU Civil Liberties Committee is pushing for a fast track ratification by member states. The new rules are supposed to put people in control of their personal ... Read More »


Take action today to prepare for tomorrow…… The global, EU and UK data protection landscape is at a crossroads. And organizations across all sectors are waking up to the fact that change is inevitable.  Regulations tend to transcend border therefore whatever happens in the European Union will have implications elsewhere. WILL THE PROPOSED EU DATA PROTECTION REGULATIONS BE ENACTED OR ... Read More »

India: Micro-finance Institutions (MFIs) Agree on Common Code of Conduct

Indian Micro-finance institutions under the auspices of Sa-Dhan (Association of Community Development), finance institutions and MFIN (Micro-finance Institutions Network) have released a code of conduct which would enable them to put up a joint front to promote and protect the industry. The code of conduct centers on the premise that MFIs seek to avoid the over-indebtedness of clients MFIs must ... Read More »