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Outsell Market Report, “Outsell’s End-User Study: Financial Services Professionals”

BIIA Co-founder Outsell Inc. has issued a report “Outsell’s End-User Study “Financial Services Professionals” Financial services professionals use various information platforms to speed decisions. The demand for high-quality data embedded into dynamic workflow applications is rising. Solution providers must understand these needs and align their offerings to ensure a perfect match in content and delivery. This report analyzes the types ... Read More »

Australian Risk Climate: Consumer Stress to Worsen

Financial stress was heightened during April and is set to worsen in the next three months as slow wages growth, high household debt and costs of living impact consumers’ capacity to manage their finances. After improving through the second half of 2013 as record-low interest rates and a focus on savings improved the financial position of Australians, Dun & Bradstreet’s ... Read More »

India: CIBIL Score Helps Reducing NPAs

According to CIBIL report the loan borrowers with the higher CIBIL score will have more chances of getting the loan and credit card applications approved by the bank.  This assessment tool has helped a lot in controlling the defaults and much improvement is noticed in Asset quality with the help of the CIBIL score records. With the assistance of the ... Read More »

What Should be on Your Summer Sourcing Agenda? – Perhaps Look to Africa as a Potential Sourcing Destination

By Josh Green, CEO, Panjiva Panjiva recently conducted a survey to better understand the concerns, challenges, and opportunities on the minds of the global trade community. The responses were promising – most global trade professionals are optimistic about the year ahead.  In addition to optimism, a few other themes emerged – notably, concern about rising manufacturing costs and an interest in ... Read More »

TransUnion Acquires Majority Interest in Credit Information Bureau India Limited (CIBIL)

TransUnion announced that it is now the majority owner of Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited (CIBIL).  TransUnion has been accumulating additional holdings in CIBIL in recent years, and the announcement comes after the company received regulatory approval to achieve majority ownership in the organization.  TransUnion has been active in the Indian marketplace since 2001 as CIBIL’s technology, analytics and decisioning ... Read More »

Cortera Announces Launch of New Receivables Management Tool, Cortera Open Receivables

Cortera, Inc. announced the launch of its new Cortera Open Receivables™ platform, which extends the Cortera Pulse® service by allowing partners to integrate functionality beyond Cortera’s core accounts receivable monitoring features.  New and existing Cortera Pulse® customers will now have the opportunity to access solutions from their debt recovery, credit insurance, lending and other partners from within the Cortera Pulse® application. Companies that rely upon invoicing ... Read More »

Major Taxonomy Update: WAND Information Technology Taxonomy

The world of Information Technology is constantly changing.  To ensure that the WAND Information Technology Taxonomy includes the latest terms, WAND updated all of the IT areas including Commercial Software Packages, Development Concepts, Networks and Connectivity, IT Administration, and IT Certifications.   The WAND Information Technology Taxonomy includes nearly 3700 terms and 424 synonyms. In the area of IT Administration ... Read More »

TransUnion and Endo Networks Announce New Intercept Marketing Product, Embedding Gamification and Real-Time Decisioning 

TransUnion and Endo Networks have partnered to develop DecisionEdge(SM) Intercept Marketing.  This solution allows financial institutions to replace their “clipboard-based” acquisition strategy with touchscreen computers that embed gamification and automated acquisition techniques at venues such as branches, malls, sporting events, retail stores and airports, among other locations. DecisionEdge Intercept Marketing employs behavioral science and the use of games and contests ... Read More »

Business Online Thailand Revenues Up 28% in Q1

Bangkok-based business information provider, Business Online (BOL), reported revenues of US$3.3 million, up 28% year-on-year.  BOL’s net income in the quarter was US$535,000, an increase of 20% compared to the same period last year. The company attributed the growth to higher revenue from some projects. Earnings per share in the period were Baht 0.02. More than half of BOL’s revenues ... Read More »

German Risk Climate: The BISNODE Payment Index Dropped again in April

The BISNODE Payment Index for Germany dropped again in April to a low of 86.59% compared to March 2014 (86.66) and January (88.0%).   The index measures how German companies pay their suppliers.  In absolute terms the index is still at a relatively high level.  Nevertheless if the decline continues it could give rise of some concerns. Source:  BISNODE Germany Read More »

Japan Risk Climate: Widening Regional Gaps in Performance Recovery

Teikoku Databank (TDB) issued the results of the first-ever survey on corporate earnings that focuses on the three quake-ravaged prefectures.  Teikoku Databank (TDB) extracted from its corporate profile database “COSMOS2” (containing data on 1.44 million companies) and analyzed 52,002 companies that are headquartered in one of the three affected prefectures (Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima) and have publically announced their earnings ... Read More »