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Onvia Announces a Strategic Business Intelligence Solution to Identify and Evaluate Government Contractors

Onvia announced the release of Vendor Center, a new strategic business intelligence solution to identify and evaluate government contractors. Vendor Center: Reports which companies are winning government business by industry and geography Lists active term contracts and awards won by each vendor Provides detailed product and pricing data by vendor based on past bid results Summarizes firmographic data for each ... Read More »

Onvia Q3 2013 Revenue Growth Flat

Oniva reported that total revenue was flat at $5.4 million compared to one year ago as a result of lower report revenue.  Report revenue is not expected to increase in the foreseeable future because the content previously delivered as a one-time report is now included in the subscription solutions launched in the second half of 2012.  This is consistent with ... Read More »

Onvia Provides Accelerated Delivery of Government Bids and RFPs

Onvia, Inc. (www.onvia.com; NASDAQ: ONVI) announced it has significantly improved the timeliness of publishing bids and RFPs on a daily basis.  Onvia data shows that agencies have shortened the average response time allowed for bids and RFPs from 24 days to 19 days in the last eight months. “The need for timely access to government bids and RFPs has never been greater ... Read More »

Onvia, Inc. Q2 2013 Revenues Flat

Onvia, Inc. (ONVI), a provider of comprehensive government-business market intelligence, reported financial results for the second quarter ended June 30, 2013. Subscription revenue grew 3% over Q2 2012, compared to 1% year over year growth in Q1 2013. This represents our second positive growth rate in subscription revenues since Q2 2010.   The 2013 operating initiatives are designed to drive subscription ... Read More »

Onvia Q1 2013 Revenues Flat

For the first quarter 2013 Onvia reported revenues of US$ 5.5 million which were flat compared to Q1 2012.  Its client base shrunk 10% from 4300 in 2012 to 3850 in Q1.   Annual contract value was up 2% to 18.9 million.  The company reported a net loss of US$ 120,000 in Q1 compared to a net income of US$ 60,000 ... Read More »