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Alibaba Faces Uncertainty in Taiwan

Taiwan’s Investment Commission has ordered the New York-listed e-commerce giant Alibaba Group to pay a fine of US$3,800 and withdraw its Taiwan operations within six months.  The government’s investment regulator deems Alibaba a “Chinese company” after reviewing its post-IPO shareholding structure, which violates government restrictions on companies with Chinese ownership. Alibaba’s B2B trading platform, Alibaba.com, established its Taiwan branch in ... Read More »

Who are the TOP Online B2B Marketing Businesses in Asia?

BIIA co-founder member recently issued a report the Top 30 online B2B businesses in Asia.  This report provides a ranking, based on website traffic, of the Top 30 online B2B businesses in Asia. The companies broadly fall into two categories, online sourcing platforms and online trade publications. In addition to ranking the companies, this report also includes profiles of companies new ... Read More »

Alibaba Signs MOU with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)

Alibaba Group has signed an MOU with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) to collaborate on trade and e-commerce opportunities between Indian and Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through its B2B arm – Alibaba.com. Under the MOU, Alibaba will work with CII to run e-certificates programmes in India and help Indian SMEs to develop their business by engaging in ... Read More »

Automated Bidding Platform: Resalespot

Resalespot was founded with a goal to provide an exciting and useful mechanism that enables users for automated bidding by utilizing existing skill sets.  The platform differentiates itself from rest of the market in key areas of bid lists and auctions process. Our unique technology eliminates the time consuming auction process and provides a one stop shop for our clients. ... Read More »

Alibaba Sets it Sight on Rural China

Alibaba Group plans to develop online shopping in China’s countryside. The Chinese e-commerce titan will invest $1.6 billion over the next three to five years to build the foundations to attract more than 600 million potential rural customers. Rural Internet users are steadily increasing in China. A survey by the China Internet Network Information Center shows there were about 177 ... Read More »

Alibaba to Focus on E-Commerce in Rural China

The Alibaba Group announced that it has signed agreements with provincial governments in China’s western region, Xinjiang and Gansu, to promote the use of e-commerce amongst small- and medium-sized businesses. Alibaba will work with local authorities to assist with the digitisation of government and public service sectors there. The group will also set-up verticals on some of its key platforms, ... Read More »

Alibaba Group Sets its Sights on India

The Alibaba Group is turning its sights on the Indian market. The group’s founder and chairman visited India in late November, leading a large Chinese delegation. While Alibaba doesn’t currently have any direct presence in India, Ma said: “I myself commit that we will invest more in India, work with Indian entrepreneurs, India technologists to improve the relationship of the ... Read More »

IBM Launches B2B E-commerce Software

IBM Corp. is launching IBM B2B Commerce, an e-commerce software platform designed to offer both ease of online shopping and features like personalized web pages with products priced according to a customer’s contract terms. The new B2B e-commerce software, which operates on the same technology that runs IBM’s widely used WebSphere Commerce e-commerce software, is part of IBM’s broader suite of ... Read More »

UPU Adopts Ambitious Work Plan to Adapt to Growth in E-commerce.

In reaction to the phenomenal increase in parcel and small packet traffic in the international system, and the corresponding decrease in letter mail, the UPU’s Postal Operations Council last week adopted a multi-faceted E-commerce program.  This is known by the acronym “ECOMPRO” and calls for an aggressive set of activities.  Five categories of action have been identified: market development, postal electronic services, logistics, ... Read More »

Coop Norge Launches New e-commerce Solution from Apptus

Coop Norge selects Apptus’ solution for personalised shopping experiences, allowing customers to more quickly find relevant products. Apptus’ solution for behavioural and automated merchandising simplifies shopping experiences for Coop Norge customers in all channels. Apptus strengthens its position in the Nordic region’s fastest-growing e-commerce market.  “This is a breakthrough for Apptus on the business-critical Norwegian market,” says Michael Mokhberi, Apptus ... Read More »