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Kroll Ontrack Announces New Version of Its Proprietary Remote Data Recovery Service

Kroll Ontrack, the leading provider of data recovery and ediscovery, announced the availability of a new version of its Ontrack® Remote Data Recovery™ (RDR®) software. RDR is a patented, proprietary service that provides a fast and secure solution for data loss situations. Utilizing the new version of RDR, Ontrack Data Recovery engineers can work more efficiently on a specific data loss problem, saving valuable ... Read More »

Kroll Ontrack Launches New Ediscovery Data Center in Germany

Kroll Ontrack, the leading global provider of ediscovery and data recovery products and services, announced that its new ediscovery data center in Germany is fully operational.  The launch coincides with the development of www.ediscovery.com/eu, a new online resource that provides up to date information about ediscovery developments in Europe and with the release of ediscovery.com Onsite, a portable, self-contained ediscovery solution. ... Read More »

Kroll Ontrack and Blancco Form Strategic Alliance to Offer Expanded Data Erasure Solutions

Blancco’s market-leading data erasure software paired with Kroll Ontrack’s erasure services and data recovery expertise deliver a complete data erasure strategy Kroll Ontrack, the leading provider of data recovery and ediscovery products and services, and Blancco, the global leader in data erasure and computer reuse solutions, today jointly announced a strategic partnership whereby Kroll Ontrack will be offering Blancco’s market leading ... Read More »

FICO: Plan Ahead for Potential Data Breaches

Does your company have a crisis plan?  The unfortunate truth is that for every preemptive countermeasure that you introduce, devious criminals will seek and may eventually find a way around it. That is why a truly best-practice approach includes proactively establishing a crisis plan for what to do if a data breach occurs. A data breach crisis plan should include: ... Read More »

Kroll Ontrack Launches Portfolio and Project Management Solution

Kroll Ontrack announced the launch of a breakthrough portfolio and project management solution on ediscovery.com, empowering users to collaboratively manage their cases as a collective portfolio from any device.  Through interactive dashboards that provide real-time metrics about ediscovery spend and project details, ediscovery.com allows organizations to accurately track and forecast spend, identify trends and find opportunities for greater efficiency. Key ... Read More »

Optimizing Search by Using WAND Taxonomy and DataFacet

By using a WAND Foundation Taxonomy and DataFacet automatic tagging will significantly improve a user’s ability to find relevant information. The attached document illustrates the difference in search results once a WAND Taxonomy and DataFacet automatic tagging have been applied.  Shown in the yellow box, the user can now filter the search results using highly relevant business terminology to narrow ... Read More »

Wand Inc.: Bad Search is Costing Money

BIIA member Wand Inc. has recently published a White Paper: Value of Descriptive MetaData for Enterprise Search. There are two main types of information that most organizations need to manage: 1) structured data, which is usually in databases and often quantitative in nature; and, 2) unstructured data, or text.  Structured data is handled fairly well with business intelligence tools and ... Read More »

Kroll Ontrack and Hudson Legal Form Partnership

Kroll Ontrack and Hudson Legal form partnership to deliver high quality, low-cost ediscovery results Kroll Ontrack and Hudson Legal announced a partnership that combines robust technology assisted review (TAR) functionality with highly skilled and experienced review teams.  Together, Kroll Ontrack, a world leader in ediscovery and data recovery software, and Hudson Legal, a global provider of ediscovery solutions, managed review and legal staffing, ... Read More »