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Cyber Security

Kroll Releases Cyber Security Forecast 2013

Global investigations firm Kroll Advisory Solutions released its 2013 Cyber Security Forecast, highlighting the most unexpected cyber issues organizations will confront in the year ahead and best practices for addressing them. Kroll offers four unexpected cyber forces to be reckoned with in 2013 and recommendations for addressing them: Vampire Data:   Get Bitten by the Data They Never Knew They Had ... Read More »

Internet Security: Beware of the Risk of Infections of Data Originating from Certain Countries

If you are operating in or dealing with entities or individuals in any of the following countries beware of the potential risk of infecting your systems or PCs. Infection Risk in percent of computers that were exposed to Web attacks on all computers with Kaspersky products in that country. The statistics based on data from Kaspersky Web antivirus, whose users ... Read More »

Cyber Crime Considered Second Biggest Threat to Business but Measures Taken are Woefully Inadequate

According to a survey taken by Kaspersky Lab, half of those surveyed, cybercrime in its various forms is the second biggest threat to business.  Despite the fact that this view has changed very little since last year, the measures being taken by IT specialists are woefully inadequate – only a little more than half of the respondents believe their company ... Read More »

Cyber Security Awareness: Where Should Awareness Start?

Start with grasping the significance:  Most people know the terms — malware, spam, virus, trojan, denial of service, phishing, etc. and so may be deluded into thinking they know how these scams work.  In fact,  the techniques used in cybercrime represent levels of sophistication far beyond the grasp of most people and too many businesses. So how is cyber security ... Read More »

China Based Data Theft – Business is Already at War

As few as 12 different Chinese hacker groups commit the bulk of Chinese based cyber-attacks stealing critical data from US companies and government agencies, according to an article in the Indian Financial Express (December 13, 2011).   The article expresses the opinions of analysts and experts who stated under the cloak of anonymity that the aggressive and stealthy attacks are escalating ... Read More »