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Cyber Security

BIIA Welcomes Alfred Rolington as a Contributing Editor

BIIA is pleased do announce that Alfred Rolington, CEO and co-founder of Cyber Security Intelligence Ltd.,  has agreed to become a contributing editor of BIIA. As an acknowledged authority Alfred Rolington writes and has spoken widely on Cyber Security & Intelligence issues.  He has previously held senior leadership positions with Oxford Analytica and Jane’s Information Group CSI is an online ... Read More »

Cyber Security Startup Wickr to Create Chatroom

Wickr, a cyber security start-up, is in talks with banks and major financial services companies including Markit to create an alternative to Bloomberg instant messaging, just as Goldman Sachs tries to create its own Wall Street chat service. The San Francisco-based company has taken an investment from CME Group, the futures exchange operator, and is working closely with it to create an app ... Read More »

Iosco Sounds Red Alert over Financial Hacking

Iosco, the International organization of Securities Commissions, has sounded the alarm about the growing danger of cyber attacks on financial markets, warning that firms and regulators around the world need to address the “uneven” response to the threat of online assaults. Greg Medcraft, chairman of the board of Iosco, predicted that the next major financial shock – or “black swan ... Read More »

Data Breach at UPS Store

The UPS Store announced  August 15th 2014 that 51 of its locations experienced a security breach that may have compromised customers’ personal information, including credit and debit card data. There are 4,470 UPS franchised locations throughout the U.S., so the breach affected roughly 1% of stores. A list of the stores (the 51 locations are in 24 states) that experienced the ... Read More »

Malware Hidden in Chinese Inventory Scanners Targeting Logistics and Shipping Companies

TrapX, provider of the fastest growing sensor-based HoneyGrid™ in the world, announced the discovery of a highly sophisticated, polymorphic advanced persistent malware dubbed “Zombie Zero” targeting the shipping and logistics industry across the globe. Weaponized malware was delivered into shipping and logistics enterprise environments from a Chinese manufacturer responsible for selling proprietary hardware for terminal scanners used to inventory items ... Read More »


CyberEdge Group recently published it Cyberthreat Defence report 2014.  The Cyberthreat Defense Report informs the IT security community in another, complementary way. Based on a rigorous survey of IT security decision makers and practitioners across North America and Europe, the Cyberthreat Defense Report examines the current and planned deployment of technological countermeasures against the backdrop of numerous perceptions. CyberEdge Group ... Read More »

PayPal: Flaw Found in its Two-step Security

According to an article in the Financial Times, researchers have discovered a hole in an extra security measure used by PayPal (the eBay subsidiary). Michigan-based cyber security company (Duo Security) stated that it found a way to bypass so-called two-step authentication – where a code is sent to a user’s mobile phone to confirm they are logging in – on the ... Read More »

FICO Partners with 41st Parameter’s Cybersecurity Technology

Enhanced device and digital consumer insights will reduce false positive rates for card-not-present fraud to increase revenues and customer satisfaction FICO has partnered with 41st Parameter, a part of Experian and a leader in securing online relationships, to fight fraud on card-not-present (CNP) transactions, the top source of payment card fraud today, while letting more genuine transactions proceed in real time. ... Read More »

No Business is Safe from Cyber Espionage: Who’s Spying On You?

Cyber espionage may sound like some strangely exotic activity from the movies. However, the harsh reality is that almost any business can become a target – or can be damaged in the crossfire when cybercriminals launch an attack against another organization. It’s largely immaterial whether your business is being directly targeted or just happens to suffer collateral damage as a ... Read More »

Target Data Breach:  Consequences of Apparent Lack of Oversight

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS), which advises big shareholders of how to vote on corporate ballots, has recommended to Target shareholders to oust seven of the company’s ten directors for lack of oversight.   The ISS claims that these directors failed to insure that Target’s systems were secured against cyber threats.  The recommendation ... Read More »

The Rising Cost of Hacking

The latest threat is one that has been lurking in the system for as long as two years – called Heartbleed.   Once again the hackers and cyber-thugs have attacked a system that we have become more and more dependent upon.  This hack has rendered the very core of internet security vulnerable and may have led to millions of compromised websites ... Read More »

No Business is Safe from Cyberespionage

High-profile targeted attacks on enterprises are becoming increasingly widespread.  Thousands of businesses have already been hacked and had their sensitive data stolen – resulting in multi-billion dollar losses. High-profile targeted attacks on enterprises are becoming increasingly widespread. Thousands of businesses have already been hacked and had their sensitive data stolen – resulting in multi-billion dollar losses.  Cyberespionage is a tangible ... Read More »

FleishmanHillard and Kroll Launch Data Breach Risk-Mitigation Service

Companies Join Forces to Help Clients Reduce Likelihood of Data Breach and Mitigate Reputational Harm from an Incident Strategic communications firm FleishmanHillard and risk management firm Kroll Inc. announced the formation of a strategic alliance that combines their respective areas of expertise to deliver client services focused on cybersecurity and data breach risk mitigation. Kroll’s role in the alliance will ... Read More »

Impervious to Cyber Attack?

Business Continuity Awareness Week and FICO raises the question “are you sitting comfortably?”  One might not be if one has read all the articles about taking cyber security to the next level, or what is now known as cyber resilience. How does cyber resilience manifest itself? How can one start to make oneself – not just a business – impervious ... Read More »

Neustar 2013 Revenues Grew by 8% to $902 Million

Neustar, Inc. (NYSE: NSR), a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information services and analytics, announced its financial results for 2013: Revenue for the year totaled $902.0 million, an 8% increase from $831.4 million in 2012. This increase was due to stronger demand for our Marketing Services and Data Services and an increase in NPAC fixed-fee revenue in Data Registries. Operating ... Read More »