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Cyber Security

European Union is Divided on Net Neutrality…

People have wondered how an Internet without net neutrality would work. It is currently hypothetical that on an Internet without net neutrality, companies would need to “pay to play” and live by arbitrary, ISP-devised rules for accessing consumers who want and pay for their services. This is the so-called “fast lane.” While ISPs argue this is about network utilization and ... Read More »

Where Do Big Data and the Internet of Things Intersect?

You are likely benefiting from the Internet of Things (IoT) today, whether or not you’re familiar with the term. If your phone automatically connects to your car radio, or if you have a smart watch counting your steps, congratulations! You have adopted one small piece of a very large IoT pie, even if you haven’t adopted the name yet. The ... Read More »

Veda Hosted Meeting of Minds to Combat Financial Services Fraud

Senior executives from Australia’s big banks, credit unions, card companies, and international financial institutions were joined by Australian law enforcement officials and leading Australian and international anti-fraud experts to discuss new threats in financial services fraud. Global data sourced by Veda from the September quarter 2014[1] showed during the reporting period, 44 per cent of transactions analyzed were from financial services, ... Read More »

Australia Begins a Cyber-security Overhaul

Speaking at the launch of the new Australian Cyber Security Centre in Canberra recently, prime minister Tony Abbott put network security on par with physical security as a guarantor of economic security and added “it is so important we keep one step ahead of this particular game” because the last such review was in 2008 and “in this area that is several ... Read More »

Cybercrime: One in Six Adults Fallen Victim to Cyber-attack

One in six adults has fallen victim to cybercrime according to research by Experian 41st Parameter, part of Experian and leader in online fraud intervention, warns of the growing threat of cyber fraud and need for cybersecurity to protect customers and businesses New research, published by Experian in the UK, reveals that one in six adults has fallen victim to ... Read More »

The Problem of Identity Theft and What You Can Do About It

Almost a year ago, Target first revealed a data breach had compromised millions of its customers’ credit and debit card information. Since then, the news has been dominated by the discovery of new breaches, disasters collectively putting millions of consumers’ information at risk and every consumer on alert. This time around, consumers haven’t forgotten: according to TransUnion’s most recent consumer ... Read More »

Business Intelligence Leaks Going Largely Unreported

A growing culture of businesses neglecting to report cyber crime over fears of reputation damage could put many more firms out of business, Europol’s Cybercrime Centre warns. The head of the Centre, Troels Oerting, says all businesses are likely to be affected by cyber crime sooner or later as online coverage continues to spread across the globe. Companies that believe ... Read More »

Is Big Data the Best Preparation Against Natural Disasters?

Big Data and Open data and analytics have become fundamental tools in disaster preparedness, experts say. But public officials aren’t using them enough. Lucy Jones, a seismologist at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), is collaborating with Los Angeles city officials to draft a seismic-resilience plan. She said the city is a prime example of what happens when there’s an abundance ... Read More »

Cyber Security: Don’t Overlook Cyber Due Diligence, Businesses Urged

Cyber threats should be factored into companies’ due diligence processes, a survey of global firms finds, adding there is ‘worrying complacency’ among companies during business risk assessment. Merger and Acquisition deals were found to be particularly vulnerable to reductions in value, and even collapse in the final stages, because cyber risk is not being adequately factored in. The survey by ... Read More »

Cyber Security: Half of Firms to use Security Services for Company Information

Around half of global companies could routinely use specialist security providers to safeguard their business information within the next four years, analysts predict. Technology forecasters Gartner say global business information security spending will grow by eight per cent before the end of this year, to total $71bn.  Security risk management, data protection and security infrastructure management firms stand to gain ... Read More »