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Tinubu Square 2013 Revenues Up 12%

International expansion reinforces steady development of credit risk software company Tinubu Square, the trusted source of credit risk solutions for trade credit insurers and businesses, experienced a 12% increase in turnover in 2013, continues to improve its net earnings and expects to grow exponentially during 2014 following expansion overseas and consolidation in both the UK and France. The news comes ... Read More »

Top 10 Tips for Managing Trade Credit in 2014

BIIA member Tinubu Square recently has issued its Top Ten Tips for Managing Credit in 2014: Signs of economic recovery should be treated with caution: Trade credit may well become more widely available in 2014, but it is crucial to exercise robust financial management and not to overstretch limits due to an improving market. Don’t overtrade and remember recovery never ... Read More »

Country Risk Climates: Coface Upgrades Risk Sectors

Positive changes in North America and Asia Risks stabilise in Europe as the textile industry invests in innovation Risks have been upgraded to ‘moderate’ in the retail and automobile industries in North America and the services industry in emerging Asia  In Asia and North America, dynamic private demand continues to improve sector risks. According to the synthetic risk indicator developed by ... Read More »

Gareth Dowding, Manager Information Procurement of Atradius Retires

BIIA has learned that Gareth Dowding, Manager of the Atradius Information Procurement Unit will retire at the end of the year.  Gareth was managing a team of information specialists based in the Netherlands and UK, who have various regional responsibilities, supporting the Atradius information strategy and requirements.  Thus Gareth is well known in the credit information industry. Gareth worked in ... Read More »

Emerging Asia: Coface Warns of Growing Risks Linked to Household Debt

The growth potential in Asia remains high, driven by the middle class Asian economies have weathered the double blow of the global crisis of 2008-2009 and that of the sovereign debt of the Eurozone, due notably to the dynamic consumption of their households.  For example, since 1995 per capita consumption has almost tripled in China and has more than doubled ... Read More »

EX-IM Bank Highlights Its Role in U.S. Export Market

Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im) Chairman Fred Hochberg highlighted the important role his agency plays in supporting U.S. exporters in a speech to the Center for American Progress (CAP).  In the process, he also rebutted the philosophical arguments against renewing the Bank’s charter, which have become newly resurgent among conservatives in Congress. On its surface, Ex-Im would seem to be an agency ... Read More »

Italian Risk Climate: Company Payment Practices Worsen

Coface has noted a marked worsening in the payment behavior of Italian companies. These companies have traditionally had a higher rate of non-payments than those in other European countries and since the start of the crisis this gap has widened. In 2007, the rate was 3 times greater than in France, it is now 7 times higher. Read More »

Credit Insurance Rebounds as Companies Seek To Lay Off Risk in Uncertain Times

‘In times of increasing insolvencies, more companies value trade credit insurance as effective management and risk control tools’ ‘Pre-qualification vetting of contractors reduces project disruptions and saves costs for surety bond beneficiaries’ Trade credit insurance insured exposure increased by 4.4% to € 1.92 trillion (2011: € 1.84 trillion) Premium increased by 3% to € 6.14 billion (2011: € 5.96 billion) ... Read More »

Coface Launches Coface Global Solutions (CGS)

Coface, one of the worldwide leaders in credit insurance solutions, is enhancing its organisation by creating Coface Global Solutions (CGS), to meet the specific needs of multinational clients. CGS provides international groups with a global view of their trade risks as well as local management of these risks thanks to unrivalled monitoring and analysis tools. Coface Global Solutions is a ... Read More »

Berne Union and IFC Agree to scale up collaboration to boost global trade and investment

Washington, D.C./London, May 22, 2013—At a recent meeting in Washington, D.C., the Berne Union and IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, agreed to scale up their collaboration to address the challenging environment for global trade and investment, in a coordinated effort to create new solutions and address shortfalls in financing faced by emerging market borrowers. Amid continued market ... Read More »

Record Amount of Trade Credit Insured By Berne Union Members

LONDON, 30 April 2013.  Members of the Berne Union – International Union of Credit & Investment Insurers – saw the value of credit and investment insured in 2012 grow by 2.4 per cent, reaching in excess of US$ 1.8 trillion. This matches the 2.4 per cent growth in exports for 2012 according to the United Nations Statistics Division. Collectively, Berne ... Read More »

Asia-Pacific Risk Climate: Survey reveals corporate overdue payment in Asia Pacific region deteriorated in 2012

– Companies are less optimistic about recovery of global economy in 2013 – Coface:  A survey of corporate credit risks management in Asia Pacific region was conducted in the fourth quarter of 2012 by Coface, a leading global credit insurance group. The survey revealed that corporate payment experience in the region generally worsened. Companies in Australia, China and India suffered ... Read More »

Tinubu Square Brings Trade Credit Risk Management Expertise to Asia

Tinubu Square continues its international expansion into Asia, with offices in Singapore and Mumbai. Tinubu Square co-founder and CEO Jérôme Pezé has relocated to Singapore from the company’s Paris headquarters, underscoring its commitment to the region and supporting the growing market demand for solutions that identify and control risk exposure in international trade. Read More »

Credit Insurance: Coface Reports 2012 Results – Premiums up 3.1%

Good commercial performance: premiums up +3.1%, buoyed by emerging markets* +18%  Sharp rise in operating profit of +62% (+10% excluding 2011 restructuring costs) Significant increase in net profit of +80% (+6.6% excluding 2011 restructuring costs)  Combined ratio at 82.2%, continuously improving Robust financial profile: shareholders’ equity up +8.7% In 2012, results showed a positive trend resulting from the overhaul of ... Read More »

Country Risk Climate: Ireland – Investor’s Confidence has Recovered, but Doubts Remain

BIIA member Atradius has published a country risk report on Ireland: GDP will grow by more than 1% in 2013 after 0.5% in 2012, driven by net exports Public finances remain under strain Investors´ confidence has recovered, but doubts remain Overall business picture remains gloomy, but agri-food and chemicals perform well Overall, current rebound is heavily dependent on foreign demand. To read ... Read More »

European Debt Crisis Likely to Push Bankruptcies to Higher Levels

The ongoing debt crisis in Europe continues to spread to the point where even the powerful German manufacturing sector is starting to take a hit. FCIB Global Conference Speaker Ludovic Subran, of Euler Hermes, noted this is likely to push bankruptcies much higher in a number of economies there. Subran noted that projections show low growth, if any, in most ... Read More »