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Challenges of the new Korean Address System

Korea announced the “Launch” of its new Address System nearly one year ago, and the public has had a bit of a challenge getting used to it.  Smaller businesses who deliver to home residences, such as food stalls, have had to remember their customers’ ‘old’ addresses and learn the ‘new’ ones.  This has made business a challenge. The conversion has ... Read More »

Envelope Manufacturers Association Discusses Global Address System

In late October 2011 the Envelope Manufacturers Association held a truly unprecedented and seminal event. Three inventors of geocode systems presented their systems for the audience to compare and contrast: Richard Abas of Geotude, Malaysia; Dr. Xinhang Shen of NACGeo, Toronto , Canada, and Alex Pigot of GoCode, Ireland. These are distinctive systems with individual strengths and shortcomings. The complexity ... Read More »