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Financial Literacy: BIIA Member Schufa Publishes New Textbooks for Teachers

“Making Young People Fit in Financial Matters” As part of a new education initiative titled “Business Workshop – Taking Charge of Your Financial Matters”, Schufa published a revised set of teaching materials for teachers.  This latest set of teaching aids provides teachers in Germany with an extensive pool of diverse materials available to realistically integrate the development of financial literacy ... Read More »

India: Kudos to Credit Bureaus

The Indian Business Standard refers to an earlier report “25 million small borrowers’ data now a click away” (October 16, 2013).  The microfinance industry has worked hard to create credit data on such a large number of borrowers. The Reserve Bank of India deserves appreciation for ensuring the setting up of credit bureaus under the Credit Information Act and coaxing and cajoling banks to share and seek information. ... Read More »

Credit Risk: What Really Influences a Credit Score?

It seems like a very straightforward question that deserves an equally straightforward answer, but the biggest credit-scoring question consumers want answered is anything but simplistic.  Consumers want to know, of course, “What influences my credit score?” The short answer is:  Your credit behaviors reflected in your credit files at the three largest credit reporting companies — Equifax, Experian and TransUnion ... Read More »

German Based Micro Lender Eyes Small Business Lending – Generates its Own Information

Kreditech, which was launched last year (see our report of November 2012) to provide small loans to consumers is said to be breaking into the small business lending market. At this point in time little is known about the announced B2B offering, except that it will launch internationally early in 2013 and will allow retailers (e.g. banks, leasing companies, e-commerce ... Read More »

US Risk Solutions: The Small Business Financial Exchange, Inc. and SBFE, LLC (SBFE®)

The Small Business Financial Exchange, Inc. and SBFE, LLC (collectively known as SBFE) is the leading source of US small business credit information. Established in 2001 as a non-profit organization, today the exchange houses information on about 24 million businesses in its SBFE Data Warehouse™, and enables blind information exchange among its Members. Through its resources, relationships and SBFE Certified Vendors™, SBFE makes ... Read More »

Financial Inclusion: Credit Reporting for Microfinance? It Can Be Done. Just Ask Pakistan

Huddled in the crowded lobby of the Sheraton Arlington hotel at the annual SEEP Network Conference, we listened intently to Syed Mohsin Ahmed as he elaborated on Pakistan’s new Microfinance Credit Information Bureau (MF-CIB). We scribbled in our notebooks, taking down points for the Financial Inclusion 2020 Credit Reporting and Client Information Analytics Experts’ Working Group, of which he is a ... Read More »

IFC (World Bank Group) Publishes Credit Reporting Knowledge Guide 2012

The revised Credit Reporting Knowledge Guide 2012 aims to support the dissemination of knowledge on best practices in credit reporting development based on IFC’s experience.   The original Credit Bureau Knowledge Guide (2006) elaborated on the knowledge gained over several years of running the Global Credit Reporting Program and provided a variety of stakeholders, primarily in emerging markets, with a ... Read More »

BIG Data and Analytics Drives New Microfinance Venture in Germany

User generated data and big data combined is to create a new database on micro-borrowers.  “Scoring as a Service” API announced as a new vision! At the prestigious NOAH Conference for Internet entrepreneurs the audience was told that a German startup called Kreditech is cleaning up the European Payday Industry with a disruptive BIG Data based technology which reduces overdues ... Read More »

China’s Virtual Micro Lending Market – Will it Last?

Internet savvy operators appear to be making real money in the virtual world of Internet based person-to-person lending.  According to unofficial sources there are an estimated 100 micro lenders operating in China with outstanding loans of 18 billion Yuan (US$ 2.8 bn) in total.  China’s first such lender was launched in 2006. The attraction of this market is that the ... Read More »