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5 Marketing Must-Haves For Today’s Small and Mid-sized Business

Making decisions about marketing investments can be frustrating, because there are so many options available. Which marketing tools are most important?  What tactics will give you the most bang for the buck? The answer to these questions depends a lot on your situation, your target audience and how they buy; not to mention your relative strengths as a marketer.  But ... Read More »

Testing for B-to-B Marketers: How Hard is It?

B-to-B marketers are often guilty of laziness when it comes to testing.  Well, to call it laziness may not be entirely fair.  It’s a fact that the typical B-to-B campaign targets universes that are too small to support a split test.  If you’re selling specialized machine tools, you’re lucky if you have 10,000 potential customers worldwide.  I work with a ... Read More »