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Data Protection – Privacy

Data Protection and the Outsourcing of Personal Data: A Practical Guide

With more organizations looking to outsource non-core activities it is critical that they understand the data protection and practical implications of doing so – and the ramifications of failing to.  Mike Bradford, founder and director of Regulatory Strategies (www.regulatorystrategies.co.uk) and BIIA’s Expert Advisor on Privacy and Regulatory Affairs reports from his experiences in dealing with clients of all sizes and ... Read More »

It is Time for a Privacy Health-check!

BIIA’s expert advisor on global privacy and data protection, Mike Bradford, offers his perspective on what we could be doing to give ourselves a privacy ‘health-check’ – and at the same time ensure we are seen by our stakeholders as being responsible and trusted custodians of data.  To read the full story click on the attachment:   Data Protection June 19 ... Read More »

Radical Shake-Up in Data Protection Laws – but Good News for Data Protection Officers!

The European Commission published its proposals for reforming the EU data protection regime on 25th January 2012.  Subject to these proposals being accepted they will replace the current European Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC and the country-specific data protection legislation across all 27 Member States – in the UK, the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA).  And this could be as early ... Read More »

European Union: Big Fines for Breaching Privacy Rules

New rules in data protection:  Businesses breaching European Union Privacy Rules will face fines of up to 5% of their global revenues based on new proposals to be unveiled soon.  The rules will also apply to subsidiaries of foreign corporations.  Companies with more than 250 employees would have to have a dedicated staff to deal with privacy issues. The new ... Read More »