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FICO: Technology, Economic Promise and Privacy

In the USS there is an ongoing debate over the technological and economic promise of Big Data and the tension created by privacy concerns.  The argument underscores a key question for policy leaders: Are existing privacy laws and policies sufficient to address the privacy risks that some envision in the era of Big Data?  Earlier this month, the White House ... Read More »

Forrester’s 2013 Data Privacy Heat Map

Forrester has published a data privacy report to help security and risk professionals navigate the complex landscape of privacy laws around the world.  Forrester created a data privacy heat map that highlights the data protection guidelines and practices for 54 different countries. Due to the dynamic nature of data protection legislation, information within the interactive tool is kept up-to-date with ... Read More »

Data Breaches: UK Police in the Dock

If you are looking for culprits of data breaches in the information industry it is generally the wrong place to look.   Try the police:   More than 300 police staff and officers – including high-ranking officials – have either resigned or been sacked since 2009 for illegally accessing personal data on the police database, according to the UK Information ... Read More »

Data Protection: EU-US Safe Harbor Framework May Be Suspended

The European Parliament will vote on March 12 whether to suspend the EU-US “Safe Harbor Framework.”    The European Parliament’s Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) committee recently backed a report that calls for the “immediate suspension” of the EU-US Safe Harbor Framework. Currently, data protection laws in the EU prevent organizations from sending personal data outside of the European ... Read More »

Data Breaches and Financial Performance: Lessons Learned from Target

In December we reported the data breach at Target, a US based retailer impacting 40 million customers.  In the meantime the company announced that 70 million of its customers would be at risk. The company stated that as part of Target’s ongoing forensic investigation, it has been determined that certain customer information — separate from the payment card data previously ... Read More »

Digital Data: The New Currency in the Digital Age

Personal data has been transformed into a valuable new currency in the digital age, with revelations over government surveillance and how companies are able to commercially exploit our data at the forefront of the debate.  But how much information is potentially available on the average smartphone user?  As an experiment, Daniel Thomas of the Financial Times decided to access his own ... Read More »

U.S. Senate Says Data Brokers “Operate Under a Veil of Secrecy”

A Senate commerce committee hearing last week revealed that data brokers are selling increasingly sensitive information, including lists of rape victims sold for 7.9 cents per name, and genetic disease sufferers. Companies can use those details to change what offers they make to consumers and change the prices they charge for products. Companies that create data dossiers on consumers are tapping new technologies to unearth ever ... Read More »

Data Breach at Target: 40 Million Consumers Affected

Target says that its stores have been hit by a major credit-card attack involving up to 40 million accounts.  The retailer said that the unlawful access to customer information took place between Nov. 27 and Dec.15. Earlier, the Secret Service confirmed to USA TODAY that it is investigating the massive data violation involving shoppers’ personal credit-card information. The breach began ... Read More »

Outsell Inc. on Report on Commercial Data Privacy Protection: The Business Impact of Proposed Regulation on the Information Industr

BIIA Co-founder Outsell Inc. has published for its subscribers a report on “Commercial Data Privacy Protection:  The Business Impact of Proposed Regulation on the Information Industry”. THE CHALLENGE: Technology is changing quickly, personal information is shared, collected, stored, and used in more ways than ever, and pressure is building globally for countries to better address consumer privacy. This drives opportunity ... Read More »

Privacy, Data Protection and Consumer Rights: Big Government spying on Citizens …. Where does this leave Common Sense?

BIIA’s chairman David Worlock and BIIA’s Deputy Managing Director Phil Cotter have gone to bat on the intrusiveness of ‘big brother’ government (not just the US) in spying on its and other countries’ citizens.  David Worlock’s ‘thoughts from the bottom of his garden’ and Phil Cotter’s comments make interesting reading. The discussion can be found on VBZV is about to ... Read More »