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Australia: Metadata is Personal Data

The Australian Privacy Commissioner has ruled that telco metadata on the phone calls a person receives and sends is ‘personal information’ and therefore access rights apply. The requester, a journalist, wanted access to all the metadata information Telstra, a telecom company, had stored about him in relation to his mobile phone service, including (but not limited to) cell tower logs, ... Read More »

Credit Information Regulations in Russia:  Who has the Right to See a Credit History?

Russian citizens, as well as companies residing in the Russian Federation have the right to view their own credit history.  However if somebody wants to review credit history of a third person (company or consumer), prior consent is required in writing authorizing access to their credit records.  The Term “credit history” has only appeared in Russia since 2005. Since that ... Read More »

Metadata May Kill Your Privacy

The UK government inquiry into whether it conducts mass surveillance and the legality of such an effort has recommended tighter controls on access to communications metadata. The inquiry finds that mass surveillance capabilities exist in the UK, but are used appropriately. The inquiry also rejects use of the term “metadata”, which it feels is not helpful because it is too ... Read More »

Experian Marketing Services Publishes White Paper: “Why Privacy Matters”

Why Privacy Matters in a Data Driven Economy Experian Marketing Services, a recognized leader in data-driven marketing, released a white paper that assesses the rise of the data-driven economy within the media and advertising industry and the evolution of privacy in that economy. The growing variety of communication channels and connected devices, when coupled with changing social norms, is adding ... Read More »

Data Protection:  US Data Broker Accountability & Transparency Act

Four Senate Democrats have re-introduced a bill that would enable consumers to wield control over how information about them is used by data brokers.  The Data Broker Accountability and Transparency Act (S. 668) empowers consumers to stop the use and sale of their personal information by data brokers.  The measure also allows consumers to correct information held by data brokers, ... Read More »

Cybercrime and the Value of Personal Data

Put simply, the underground economy is a collection of forums, chat rooms and custom-made websites that are all designed to facilitate, streamline and industrialize cybercrime.  It’s within these communities that cybercriminals gather to trade tools, services and victims’ credentials.  There are various ways to obtain credentials.  Some options are Phishing attacks, Trojan Horses and hacking into an online company database. ... Read More »

US Recommends further Data Privacy Initiatives

On January 12 at the Federal Trade Commission President Obama unveiled several programs to protect data privacy and civil liberties. While his administration is targeting privacy at all levels, there are three initiatives aimed specifically at student data. The Student Digital Privacy Act: This bill, modeled on a landmark California statute, builds on the recommendations of the White House Big Data ... Read More »

The Problem of Identity Theft and What You Can Do About It

Almost a year ago, Target first revealed a data breach had compromised millions of its customers’ credit and debit card information. Since then, the news has been dominated by the discovery of new breaches, disasters collectively putting millions of consumers’ information at risk and every consumer on alert. This time around, consumers haven’t forgotten: according to TransUnion’s most recent consumer ... Read More »

PEW Survey:  People Feel Loss of Control of Personal Data

US Consumers Concerned About Control over Personal Data A latest PEW research, on public perceptions of privacy and security in the post-Snowden era, reveals American’s lack of confidence that they have control over their personal information. That pervasive concern applies to everyday communications channels and to the collectors of their information—both in the government and in corporations. Privacy evokes a ... Read More »

Dr. Hans-Jürgen Papier Appointed Ombudsman of Schufa

The former president of the German Constitutional Court, Dr. Hans-Jürgen Papier, has accepted the independent position of Ombudsman at Schufa, one of the leading consumer credit information companies in Germany.   The position became vacant due to the untimely death of Dr. Winfried Hassemer. The position of Ombudsman was established by SCHUFA sometime ago on a voluntary basis.  It is a ... Read More »

Data Security: Record Year for Data Breaches?

Experian Data Breach Resolution released a collection of educational resources for businesses with anecdotes and advice on how to prepare for and manage a data breach. Compiled based on the company’s history of servicing some of North America’s largest data breaches, the initiative packages key learnings from Experian’s behind-the-scenes support of more than 2,000 client breaches last year. This includes ... Read More »

Hold Security Uncovers the Largest ever Security Breach!

Over one billion of stolen credentials to thousands of websites! According to Hold Security a Russian crime ring has amassed the largest known collection of stolen Internet credentials, including 1.2 billion user name and password combinations and more than 500 million email addresses. After more than seven months of research, Hold Security identified a Russian cyber gang which is currently ... Read More »

Data Protection May Cause GDP Contraction

The Financial Times (FT) published on August 5th, 2014 a provocative analysis of the effects of Data Protectionism’ on GDP growth.   The FT opines that there is a strong possibility of a significant GDP contraction as a result of local data protection rules.  The contraction in the EU, China, South Korea could be as much as 1.1% (assuming full data ... Read More »