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Credit Scoring & Decision System

Credit Management Recommendation of the Month: Tell Your Suppliers to Share Data

If Your Company Needs a Better Credit Score?  Tell Your Suppliers to Share Data Companies of all sizes looking for a better business credit score and cheaper financing should ask their suppliers to report their accounts receivable data to credit reporting companies, according to the National Association of Credit Management (NACM). Tightened access to credit in the wake of the ... Read More »

Consumer Education: Credit Reports ≠ Credit Scores

Consumer education should be an important function for lenders, credit grantors and credit reporting companies says the credit scoring firm FICO in its recent Bankinganalyticsblog.  It is too important to be left to the press and other sources as the following article explains. More than ever, consumers are interested in their credit scores and credit reports.  They ask questions when banking, ... Read More »

Analytics and Cloud Computing: Businesses Need Solutions to a Specific Business Challenge

BIIA finds the recent FICO Banking Analytics Blog written by James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions of particular interest:   “Individually, predictive analytics and cloud computing are hot topics in business today. But what’s the potential for the intersection of these two exciting technologies? Based on new research and a recent survey of over 200 professionals, cloud-based predictive analytics are ... Read More »

Teach Your Children the Importance of Good Credit

FICO has some good tips for parents and young people who are going to College in the USA, however these tips may apply in other countries as well! The combination of skyrocketing college expenses and access to credit has made it more important than ever for parents to teach their teens about financial management. It’s become as big a parental ... Read More »

CRIF / EFMA European Survey Examines Strategies on Responsible Lending

CRIF and EFMA conducted a survey which examines the strategies put in place over the last year by lenders in 16 European countries in reaction to the economic crisis, to counteract over indebtedness among retail customers, and pursue an approach based on responsible lending. The CRIF/EFMA report also looks at regional variations of the implementation of the EU Consumer Credit ... Read More »

TransUnion Introduces New Recovery Scores Containing Updated Consumer Data and Newest Modeling Technology

TransUnion announced at the Debt Buyers Association Conference the introduction of two new recovery models — Recovery Propensity Score and Recovery Yield Score. Both of these scores were developed using TransUnion’s freshest consumer data set and advanced modeling technology, allowing customers to supplement their own internal data into the scores to better target those accounts most likely to pay while ... Read More »