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Jamaica: CRIF NM’s Credit Information Bureau Begins Operations

CRIF NM Credit Assure Limited, a joint venture between CRIF and Neal & Massy, announced the launch of the technical and business operations for its world class credit bureau in Jamaica, supporting the development of the retail credit industry in the country. CRIF NM received a fully operational status from the Bank of Jamaica on May 1, 2013 after satisfactorily ... Read More »

CRIF: Jamaican Credit Bureau Gets Go-ahead

CRIF NM Credit Assure Ltd., a joint venture between CRIF and Neal & Massy, a licensed credit reporting agency as supervised by the Bank of Jamaica, has now satisfactorily met the conditions stipulated in the license issued by the Minister of Finance under the Credit Reporting Act 2010 (CRA) on April 10, 2012. This approval from the BOJ is what ... Read More »

CRIF NM Obtains License from Bank of Jamaica and Ministry of Finance

CRIF NM, a joint venture between CRIF and Neal & Massy, has obtained a license from the Bank of Jamaica and the Ministry of Finance, to establish an entirely private and voluntary credit bureau in Jamaica. In line with the local regulatory framework, the credit bureau developed by CRIF NM will gather positive and negative credit information on individuals and businesses ... Read More »