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Ghana: Dun and Bradstreet Credit Reference Bureau Begins Operations

Dun and Bradstreet Credit Reference Bureau has commenced operations in Ghana with a pledge to provide banks and customers more detailed credit data than what is currently offered on the market. Dun and Bradstreet becomes the third credit reference bureau to enter Ghana after XDS Data and Hudson Price Data Solutions. Credit Reference Bureaus seek to enhance access to credit ... Read More »

Dun & Bradstreet Credit Bureau Limited Is Open for Business in Ghana

Dun & Bradstreet announced the opening of its credit bureau operations in Ghana.  After having received a license from the Bank of Ghana to operate a credit reference bureau, D&B is excited about launching business operations in the Ghanaian market. The main objective of this credit bureau is to provide information on the credit repayment trends of individuals and companies. ... Read More »

D&B SAME Launches Second Credit Bureau in Ghana

D&B SAME is to start full time operations as the second credit bureau in Ghana from September 2011, a year after XDS Data launched as the the first.  It was granted a credit referencing provisional license by the Bank of Ghana in October 2010.  Banks have often cited the high loan default rates as a major factor influencing the high ... Read More »