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European Union

Risk Management: The East-West Geographic Divide in Bank Priorities

FICO is seeing a stark a difference in regional risk management when comparing banks in Europe and North America to banks in developing countries throughout Asia. Europe and North America: Banks in these two regions were hit hard by the recession that began in 2008. Many banks failed, and most of the surviving banks hunkered down. The risk tolerance at ... Read More »

Data Protection: EU-US Safe Harbor Framework May Be Suspended

The European Parliament will vote on March 12 whether to suspend the EU-US “Safe Harbor Framework.”    The European Parliament’s Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) committee recently backed a report that calls for the “immediate suspension” of the EU-US Safe Harbor Framework. Currently, data protection laws in the EU prevent organizations from sending personal data outside of the European ... Read More »

EU Late Payment Directive: Germany Inches Closer to Implementation

Reports out of Germany indicate the government may be inching closer to in-country implementation of the European Union’s Directive 2011/7/EU, the Late Payment Directive.  Germany was one of the final holdouts among the 28-member bloc and an important one, given its stature in the Union.  Still, many are skeptical that, even with the Germans on board, the Directive will be all ... Read More »

European Central Bank Calls for a Cross-Country Credit Risk Score

Managing Europe’s Deflation Risk Calls for a Cross-Country Credit Risk Score During a session at Davos, the president of the European Central Bank indicated a willingness to buy loans of households and companies as part of managing deflationary risk in Europe. He will need a market to be created should the ECB be required to operate a monetary programme to thwart deflation ... Read More »

Global B2B Matchmaking Company Powerlinx Launched by Former Dun & Bradstreet Executives

Three former D&B executives and an executive of D&B Israel launched Powerlinx, a new global business-to-business matchmaking company.  Powerlinx received its first round of seed funding and unveiled its digital platform, which combines proprietary intent recognition technology, Big Data, and advanced needs-matching analytics. Now, through the power of these capabilities, companies can be directly connected to new markets, growth opportunities, ... Read More »

Powerlinx Announces a Transformative Global Business-to-Business Platform

New Platform Reinvents How Businesses Connect Powerlinx, a new global business-to-business matchmaking company, announced it has closed its first round of seed funding. The company also unveiled its digital platform, which combines proprietary intent recognition technology, Big Data, and advanced needs-matching analytics. Now, through the power of these capabilities, companies can be directly connected to new markets, growth opportunities, new ... Read More »

EU Union Estimates the Cost of Corruption at Euro120bn

The European Union has been trying to compute the costs of this increased corruption:  The estimate is €120 billion annually.  This is a combination of lost tax revenue and a reduction in foreign investment. The data is actually pretty shocking given that these are modern industrial states and not the developing nations that are so often assumed to be the most ... Read More »

Arvato Strengthens Growth Platform eCommerce Through Acquisition of Netrada Group

International service provider Arvato acquires major parts of Hanover-based Netrada Group and combines both companies’ eCommerce businesses.  The merger turns Arvato into one of Europe’s leading service providers for integrated eCommerce services.  The combined business activities will jointly generate a turnover of over EUR 300 million; the joint number of employees will increase to over 3,000. The transaction is as ... Read More »

Directory Scams Fraud Alert

The Union of International Associations (UIA) has recently issued directory scams fraud alerts concerning the following companies: December 2013 / January 2014 A new scam solicitation has been received from: European Trade Register Tel: 0031 208 080 789 Fax: 0031 205 248 107 P.O. Box 2021, 3500 GA Utrecht, The Netherlands [email protected] eubusinessservices.com December 2013 / January 2014 A new ... Read More »

FICO: European Risk Managers to Focus on Lending

Regulatory compliance and raising capital have been at the top of risk managers’ To Do lists for years.  FICO’s latest survey of European risk managers shows that is starting to change — bankers now say increasing lending will be a greater priority this year. New lending to consumers is a 2014 priority for 85% of our respondents and new lending ... Read More »

Country Risk Climates: Coface Upgrades Risk Sectors

Positive changes in North America and Asia Risks stabilise in Europe as the textile industry invests in innovation Risks have been upgraded to ‘moderate’ in the retail and automobile industries in North America and the services industry in emerging Asia  In Asia and North America, dynamic private demand continues to improve sector risks. According to the synthetic risk indicator developed by ... Read More »

Meet RATINGPLATFORM – An Initiative Supported by EACRA

RATINGPLATFORM has been created to provide a unique global platform for ratings and assessments from high-reputable qualified sources. It is an initiative supported by the European Association of Credit Rating Agencies (“EACRA”) and has therefore European roots. Given the international environment for CRAs, where new legislation is being implemented in several countries and regions, RATINGPLATFORM’s target is to provide guidance ... Read More »

Digital Data: The New Currency in the Digital Age

Personal data has been transformed into a valuable new currency in the digital age, with revelations over government surveillance and how companies are able to commercially exploit our data at the forefront of the debate.  But how much information is potentially available on the average smartphone user?  As an experiment, Daniel Thomas of the Financial Times decided to access his own ... Read More »