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Majority of Very Late Payments Remain Uncollected in the Americas

More than half of the value of B2B receivables over 90 days past due were written off as uncollectable by businesses in Brazil, Canada, Mexico and the United States (the Americas). The September 2014 edition of the Atradius Payment Practice Barometer, a survey of B2B suppliers in Brazil, Canada, Mexico and the US, found that, on average, 38.4% of the ... Read More »

RiskMa Argentina: A New Start-up in Credit Information

BIIA has been informed about the formation of RiskMa.  The company is domiciled in Buenos Aires, Argentina. RiskMa offers comprehensive credit reports with credit ratings in Spanish and English covering North and Latin America and the Caribbean Islands. For further information contact:  John Menganni, Risk Management Solutions  [email protected]  www.riskmasolutions.com Read More »

Real-Time Analytics a Powerful Weapon in War on Payment Fraud

FICO has recently put together an infographic showing the evolution of real-time analytics for payment card fraud detection over the last 20 years. The infographic also shares notable facts about payment fraud in major countries, including France, India, Russia and the UK. For example, since 1992, US payment fraud as a percentage of all credit card transactions has dropped by ... Read More »

Country Risk Climates: Coface Upgrades Risk Sectors

Positive changes in North America and Asia Risks stabilise in Europe as the textile industry invests in innovation Risks have been upgraded to ‘moderate’ in the retail and automobile industries in North America and the services industry in emerging Asia  In Asia and North America, dynamic private demand continues to improve sector risks. According to the synthetic risk indicator developed by ... Read More »

Country Risk Climate: Payment Practices Barometer for the Americas

BIIA member Atradius has just released its Payment Practices Barometer for the Americas:  Cash flow appears to be the biggest challenge for businesses this year. Businesses in the Americas express concern about maintaining adequate cash flow levels this year, and consider this one of the biggest challenges they will be facing. These opinions are consistent with those of businesses in ... Read More »