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Zhejiang Netsun Co. Ltd.

Netsun’s Q3 2013 Revenues Up 20%

Zhejiang Netsun, reported revenues of US$6.7 million, up 20% over the same quarter last year.  Profit attributable to company shareholders for the quarter was US$1.4 million, down 4.8% year-on-year as a result of increased operating expenses. The Hangzhou-based online sourcing platform also released its results for the nine months ended 30th September. Revenues in the period were US$27 million, a ... Read More »

Netsun Revenues and Profits Up in First Half of 2012

Zhejiang Netsun, a Shenzhen-listed online sourcing platform, announced its results for the first half of 2012. For the six months ended 30th June, revenues were US$13 million, an increase of 8.1% over the first half of 2011. Net profit was US$3.4 million, a year-on-year growth of 7.0%. Earnings per share in the period were RMB 0.13 (US$0.0205). In terms of ... Read More »

Zhejiang Netsun Revenue and Profit Drop

Are China’s e-commerce businesses running out of ‘steam’?  After Alibaba’s reporting declining growth in its paying customer base, Zhejiang Netsun reports a drop in revenues. Shenzhen-listed online sourcing platform, Zhejiang Netsun released its financial results for 2011. The company reported revenues of US$23 million, down 17% from 2010. Net profit attributable to shareholders in the year was US$5.1 million, a ... Read More »

Boogle.cn Launches Beta Version of its B2C Platform

Zhejiang Netsun Enters B2C Market Hangzhou, 24th May: Shenzhen-listed Zhejiang Netsun announced the launch of a beta version of its B2C platform, Boogle.cn. A spokesman of Netsun claims the company’s B2B platform receives 40 million hits daily, and its 10 million plus users provide an advantage and reason for the company to enter the B2C market. The Hangzhou-based company has ... Read More »