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Worldbox Launches Comprehensive Company Database for Africa

The global Business Intelligence company Worldbox now offers complete identification company records for Rwanda, Tanzania, Mauritius, Uganda and Madagascar with extended business records for 25 other African countries.  Worldbox’s industry-leading business information database now contains the complete identifications of registered companies in 56 per cent of countries within the Africa continent, and coverage is continuing to grow month-by-month. Adding to ... Read More »

Worldbox Expands Hong Kong Office for Asian Operations

Worldbox Business Intelligence has expanded its Hong Kong bureau to serve as a hub for Asia-Pac co-ordination, as well as offering corporate solution services as an extension of its company information product line. The Swiss-based firm, specializing in international cross-border business information, has expanded its Hong Kong office to become the regional headquarters for the Asia Pacific region. Founder and ... Read More »

Google Brings Indian Business Information Online

A five month trial of the online business registration service Google My Business (GMB) has seen over a million small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) registering in India. With an average of 25,000 businesses signing up to the app each week, the tech giant is hoping to capture the details of some 20 million businesses in the country by 2017. Google’s ... Read More »

Anti-money laundering Law to Create New Business Register for Europe

New rules on anti-money laundering could create an unprecedented central registry of European businesses’ real owners before 2018 after being agreed on by the European Council and endorsed by the European Parliament.  The fourth directive on anti-money laundering (AMLD4) – to stop terrorist financing and reduce tax crime – gives member states two years to complete a register of the ... Read More »

April Sees Flurry of Business Intelligence Mergers

Microsoft and Datazen, Tableau and Birst, Infor and Larsen Toubro … BI mergers are booming as providers look to broaden offerings and transform business users’ mobile experiences. Datazen Software has been bought by Microsoft for an undisclosed sum, providing the software giant full rights to its acclaimed mobile business intelligence (BI) and data visualisation tools across Apple, Android and Windows ... Read More »

China Anti-corruption Law ‘Broader in Scope than FCPA’

A record number of cross-border deals in China last year, by foreign companies using FCPA compliance, has provided a boost in trust for international buyers… The unprecedented Merger and Acquisition buying spree of 201 foreign deals in China last year – up 20 on the previous year – increased in value by nearly 80% to $38bn year-on-year, according to Mergermarket. ... Read More »

Foreign Due Diligence ‘Crunching’ Start-ups in India

Company background checks by foreign equity funds are denying Indian start-ups the capital they need to reach the growth stage after they’ve acquired seed funding by domestic investors. While angel investors and accelerators have been broadly supportive of innovation in India across sectors ranging from IT to healthcare, closer scrutiny by larger foreign investors have stopped start-ups progressing to the ... Read More »

Firms Fearful of Managing Merger Risks in Emerging Markets

Fraud, money laundering and corruption have been named as the key reasons Western businesses have low confidence in managing risks when investing in emerging markets, a new survey shows… Deloitte Financial’s poll of 1,300 financial professionals across the banking and securities, technology and investment management sectors show less than ten and a half per cent are confident about managing the ... Read More »

FCA due diligence review now vetting the finance sector

The Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) current thematic review into due diligence practices is this month scrutinising how advisers assess products and services and what barriers they may be facing in the process. The FCA – an independent UK body that regulates the conduct of over 50,000 businesses – is currently looking into advisory firms who engage, from a series of ... Read More »

Ex-bankers Suspected of Business Intelligence Hack on Wall Street

A new approach to profiting from cyber-crime has seen confidential company information being syphoned from corporate communications then used to ‘game’ the US stock market, possibly by former traders.   The cyber-espionage ring – dubbed FIN4 – has been targeting individuals who have access to insider company data including executives, consultants, legal counsel and analysts for the past year, in a ... Read More »

Corporate Fraud in India will Rise, due to Failures to Update

The rate of corporate fraud in India is at an all-time high and will continue to grow over the next two years – outpacing official efforts to mitigate it – because mechanisms that are supposed to manage fraud risk are outdated or inadequate, a report finds. Fraudulent areas set to rise include bribery and corruption, the diversion or theft of ... Read More »

Employment Screening ‘Critical’ to Success of Small Businesses

A new study shows 64% of small companies in the United States have discovered inaccuracies during employment background checks, while experts warn firms who fail to identify them risk prolonged financial pain. Employee screening mistakes, failure to budget for background checks and not having a suitable due diligence process in place at the hiring stage is becoming ever more costly ... Read More »

Top Trends for Business Intelligence in 2015

Business Intelligence continues to evolve as developers unravel the mysteries of big data via analytics. Meanwhile, BI costs are falling, allowing SMEs to compete with corporate rivals. Here are some other trends we’re set to see this year… Big Data analytics firm Tableau Software thinks 2015 will see corporate governance transforming, with organisations aligning their people, processes and technology to ... Read More »

Analytics is the Fastest-growing Segment of Business Intelligence

A top information technology research company advises that riding the wave of applying advanced analytics to big data – to identify everything from opportunities to risk – should be global businesses’ top priority. Gartner says the booming trend of using advanced analytics within business intelligence (BI) is being fuelled by the need to make analysis accessible to more firms, and ... Read More »

Business Intelligence Leaks Going Largely Unreported

A growing culture of businesses neglecting to report cyber crime over fears of reputation damage could put many more firms out of business, Europol’s Cybercrime Centre warns. The head of the Centre, Troels Oerting, says all businesses are likely to be affected by cyber crime sooner or later as online coverage continues to spread across the globe. Companies that believe ... Read More »

Company Information Reveals World’s Most Profitable Firms

The twenty most profitable businesses, globally, have been revealed via business intelligence reports with Finance, Tech and natural resources companies dominating. The company with the highest profits in the world today is the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China with revenues of $89 billion.  Despite its net income from continuous operations currently at $43 billion, profits at the Chinese bank ... Read More »

Cyber Security: Don’t Overlook Cyber Due Diligence, Businesses Urged

Cyber threats should be factored into companies’ due diligence processes, a survey of global firms finds, adding there is ‘worrying complacency’ among companies during business risk assessment. Merger and Acquisition deals were found to be particularly vulnerable to reductions in value, and even collapse in the final stages, because cyber risk is not being adequately factored in. The survey by ... Read More »

Mid-East Leading Cross Border Businesses in Africa Boom

Middle East cross border businesses are showing the world that Africa is ripe for investment, with Abu Dhabi companies leading the charge in setting up or expanding there, this year. The latest United Arab Emirates company to increase existing business there is Etihad Airways, which has just said it will expand its African presence with a new daily service to ... Read More »