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IFC (World Bank Group) Publishes Credit Reporting Knowledge Guide 2012

The revised Credit Reporting Knowledge Guide 2012 aims to support the dissemination of knowledge on best practices in credit reporting development based on IFC’s experience.   The original Credit Bureau Knowledge Guide (2006) elaborated on the knowledge gained over several years of running the Global Credit Reporting Program and provided a variety of stakeholders, primarily in emerging markets, with a ... Read More »

General Principles for Credit Reporting (Consultative Report)

In 2009 the World Bank, with support from the Bank for International Settlements assembled a Task Force to work on credit information standards Task Force members came from Central banks (including PBC) financ.ial and privacy regulators, multilateral organizations involved in credit reporting and international credit reporting associations such as BIIA. The World Bank Task Force published its recommendations in March ... Read More »

World Bank Issues General Principles on Credit Reporting for the Financial Services Sector

The World Bank, in collaboration with the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), various central banks and members of the information industry represented by ACCIS (Europe), BIIA (Asia Pacific) and CDIA (USA), has been working on developing universal standards for credit reporting. The standards have been unveiled for the first time in a public forum at the World Bank / IFC ... Read More »