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WAND Inc. Releases Non-Profit Taxonomy

WAND has developed a taxonomy exclusively for non-profit organizations.   The WAND Non-Profit Taxonomy was created for any non-profit organization so they may better organize and find their content and documents. The top level terms include Board of Directors, Budgeting and Financial Management, Bylaws and Policies, Compliance, Donations, Fundraising, Grants, Members, Programs, Public Relations, and Volunteers.  The taxonomy covers all of the major concepts, policies, ... Read More »

Wand: Tags Go Mainstream – Great News for Taxonomy

Apple announced the release of the latest Mac operating system today – Mavericks.   Usually, this news would not cause a ripple in the taxonomy world but one new feature that the operating system includes is Tags.  Apple has switched to a tag based approach to help users organize and find documents on their computer.   This marks one of the first ... Read More »

Wand Releases Accounting Taxonomy

BIIA member Wand announces that the WAND Accounting Taxonomy is the latest addition to the WAND Taxonomy Library.  WAND’s General Business Taxonomy has a branch for accounting and finance, but it includes just 86 terms. However, these 86 terms just scratch the surface.  The WAND Accounting Taxonomy goes deep.  It includes 899 preferred terms and 692 synonyms and goes deep into important corporate accounting concepts. ... Read More »

Wand White Paper: Organizational Taxonomy and Automatic Tagging

BIIA member Wand has published a White Paper “Why making sure your employees can find information is critical to an organization’s bottom line and how descriptive metadata, taxonomy, and tagging will save money and increase competitiveness.” As the amount of unstructured information continues to grow, organizations who have not addressed search relevance will continue to be at a competitive disadvantage. ... Read More »

WAND Releases Human Resource Taxonomy Library

BIIA member WAND released the WAND Human Resources Taxonomy.  The WAND Human Resources Taxonomy includes 553 terms and 774 synonyms of human resources related concepts, processes, and documents. This is a major jump start for any human resources department that needs to build a taxonomy to make its assets more findable.   Perfect for internal HR department use and also for ... Read More »

Optimizing Search by Using WAND Taxonomy and DataFacet

By using a WAND Foundation Taxonomy and DataFacet automatic tagging will significantly improve a user’s ability to find relevant information. The attached document illustrates the difference in search results once a WAND Taxonomy and DataFacet automatic tagging have been applied.  Shown in the yellow box, the user can now filter the search results using highly relevant business terminology to narrow ... Read More »

Wand Inc.: Bad Search is Costing Money

BIIA member Wand Inc. has recently published a White Paper: Value of Descriptive MetaData for Enterprise Search. There are two main types of information that most organizations need to manage: 1) structured data, which is usually in databases and often quantitative in nature; and, 2) unstructured data, or text.  Structured data is handled fairly well with business intelligence tools and ... Read More »

WAND Inc. Announces ‘WAND Within’ Taxonomy Partnership Program

WAND, Inc., the world’s leading provider of taxonomies in the information management industry, today announced the launch of its WAND WithinTM Taxonomy partnership initiative with an impressive roster of nine top search and information management vendors who each will be offering the WAND Taxonomies to customers as a part of its respective technology solution. WAND Within founding partners include BA ... Read More »

Taxonomy: Litigation and E-discovery Drives Corporate Records Retention

Litigation and e-discovery is the other key driver for corporate records retention. The vast volume of documents that are created in a business is all potential evidence in future litigation, making it an important litigation risk management issue. A recent Network World article noted that at any given time, the average U.S. business is involved in over 300 lawsuits.  When ... Read More »

WAND DataFacet Featured In SharePoint Expert’s Post

Microsoft SharePoint consultants, SWC Technology Partners’ latest blog post features WAND’s DataFacet. SWC’s Microsoft SharePoint expert Jeff Lanham discusses how the DataFacet solution provides easy and robust ‘content find-ability’ without investing a lot of effort to get it working. The article continues by pointing out some of the benefits of using DataFacet with SharePoint. Read the full article at Microsoft ... Read More »

WAND Exhibiting Taxonomies and Tagging at the SharePoint Conference 2012 in Las Vegas

BIIA member WAND will be exhibiting its complete library of taxonomies for SharePoint 2010, SharePoint Online, and SharePoint 2013. WAND will also be unveiling some brand new taxonomies specifically for SharePoint 2013 to take advantage of some of the new features in the SharePoint 2013 term store. At the booth, Wand will also be demonstrating WAND DataFacet Automatic Tagging Engine ... Read More »

WAND Taxonomy Helps to Classify Billions Spent on Specific Products

WAND partnered with a few of the leading spend management and strategic sourcing consulting firms to classify billions of spend into specific WAND Product and Service Taxonomy categories.  The output is then delivered back to our spend consultant partners who present the complete analysis back to clients.   To read the full story click on the link. Source: Wand Inc. Read More »

WAND DataFacet adds Automatic Tagging Capabilities to Nintex Workflow for SharePoint 2010

Integration provides a custom action to add taxonomy based metadata during a workflow process  WAND, Inc., a leading provider of taxonomies and the DataFacet Automatic Tagging Solution for SharePoint, today announced its integration with Nintex Workflow.  The DataFacet Automatic Annotation custom action for Nintex Workflow allows a user to automatically tag documents with taxonomy metadata as part of a workflow ... Read More »

WAND Releases Oil and Gas Taxonomy

The Oil and Gas industry accounts for hundreds of billions of dollars every year in global economic activity. In an industry of this magnitude, sophisticated document management and workflows are crucial. WAND has developed and released a taxonomy specifically for the oil and gas industry as a foundation for a strong corporate metadata model. The WAND Oil and Gas Taxonomy ... Read More »

Taxonomy: The Route to Value Added – Major Enterprise Software Vendors Get the Message – while Content Providers in General Appear Ignorant

BIIA member WAND Inc. (http://www.wandinc.com/) is now very widely acknowledged as a market leading player in horizontal and multi-lingual taxonomy and classification development.    Wand has dedicated its 15 years of existence entirely to the business of developing taxonomies which are product based thus go beyond the traditional route of UNSPSC, Harmonized Codes or NAICS , as well as those superficial ... Read More »

Wand Mining Taxonomy Is Cut and Polished

Wand announces its new Mining Taxonomy.  Like legal, mining is another industry that we have seen aggressively adopting taxonomies for use in document management and collaboration projects, including SharePoint 2010, Oracle UCM, and others. This taxonomy includes over 900 terms and 200+ synonyms covering most major mining business processes including exploration, extraction, extractive metallurgy, geology, and more. Quickly customize this ... Read More »