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Twitter Buys Patents from IBM, Ending Legal Spat

Twitter has bought 900 patents from IBM and entered into a cross-licensing agreement to limit the threat of future lawsuits.  The move comes after IBM accused Twitter of infringing three of the company’s patents concerning: “efficient retrieval of uniform resource allocators,” “presenting advertising in an interactive service” and “programmatic discovery of common contacts.” IBM noted at the time that it would rather ... Read More »

Acxiom Enters in Partnership with Twitter

Acxiom® has entered into a partnership with Twitter, the global platform for public self-expression and conversation in real time.  Acxiom will incorporate a “CRM Approach” into Twitter’s tailored audiences tool which allows advertisers to use the intelligence from their CRM database to define the audiences they want to reach on Twitter. Acxiom’s partnership with Twitter will enable advertisers to connect ... Read More »

High Tech Companies Join Forces to Limit Government Surveillance

According to Reuters U.S. high tech companies have joined hands to start a public campaign for new limits on how governments collect user information amid concerns of growing online surveillance. The companies — Google Inc, Microsoft Corp , Apple Inc, Facebook Inc, Twitter , LinkedIn Corp, Yahoo Inc and AOL Inc — issued an open letter to U.S. President Barack Obama and Congress to bring in reforms and restrictions on surveillance activities.  ... Read More »

Crowdsourcing: Twitter Adds a New Human Twist to Information Gathering

When significant events happen people instantly flock to Twitter, and in particular searched on Twitter to discover what was happening.   Without a very specific context it is often impossible to know what news clips mean. Twitter built a real-time human computation engine to help it identify search queries as soon as they’re trending, send these queries to real humans to be judged, ... Read More »