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TDWI Checklist Report: What Geospatial Analytics Can Do

New report shows enterprises seven ways geospatial data can be used, from refining sales and marketing efforts to honing risk analysis. TDWI Research has released its newest Checklist Report, Seven Use Cases for Geospatial Analytics. The report examines how enterprises are using geospatial data—sometimes called location data or simply spatial data—to improve their operations or their bottom line. Increasingly, companies are ... Read More »

TDWI Report Helps Healthcare Providers Use Data Effectively in their Decisions

New Checklist Report helps healthcare providers develop strategies for employing BI, data discovery, and analytics tools and technologies in their environments. TDWI Research has released its newest Checklist Report, Seven Steps to Realizing Value from Business Intelligence and Discovery Analytics for Healthcare Providers.  The report explains how the latest BI and data discovery tools can enable a wider spectrum of healthcare ... Read More »

Marketing Information: Cost of Poor Data Quality

A number of information suppliers have recently quoted The Data Warehouse Institute in regard to the cost of poor data quality.  The Data Warehousing Institute estimates that poor data quality costs U.S. businesses over $600 billion per year.   Sales and Marketing – Inaccurate address data translates into significant waste in materials, labor, time and postage, not to mention lost ... Read More »