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WPP Unit TNS Buys Sinotrust Market Research for Undisclosed Sum

Advertising agency WPP PLC (WPP.LN) announced its wholly-owned operating company TNS has agreed to acquire Sinotrust Market Research, a market research and consulting company in China, from Experian PLC (EXPN.LN) for an undisclosed sum. Sinotrust Market Research’s unaudited revenue for the year ended March 31 were 255 million Chinese Yuan, with gross assets at the same date of CNY95 million. ... Read More »

Sinotrust Launches China Kids Study

Sinotrust has launched a service integrating data from a number of sources on the c.140m Chinese children aged six to fourteen.The Sinotrust CIS (Children Insights Study) covers a huge range of markets from educational institutions and entertainment places, through food and clothing to toys, books, audio and video products. The firm says the area is poorly serviced and understood at ... Read More »

Sinotrust Analyzed the 150k-190k Yuan Passenger Car Market Outlook

At the Automotive Market Video Conference hosted by the China Automobile Dealers Association and jointly organized by Sinotrust, the China Passenger Cars Association and Auto Sohu, Ms. Wang Zhi, Deputy Director of Research & Consulting Department of Sinotrust Automotive Marketing Solutions delivered a keynote speech themed 150k-190k Yuan Market, Next Focus? According to Wang, the distribution of passenger car prices ... Read More »

Sinotrust: China’s Toy Industry Enjoys Huge Market Potential

Sinotrust, China’s leading market research institution, recently pointed out that the toy industry is a sunrise industry in China after multiple surveys on the kids market. At present, the world’s toy market is growing at the average rate of 5% per year. However, as compared with the overseas toy market, the domestic toy market lags behind for over a decade ... Read More »

Sinotrust Reports 15% Growth in 2011

Sinotrust, China’s leading automotive market research and business information company, released its 2011 results at a recent annual meeting which also coincided with Sinotrust’s 19th anniversary. Lei Lin, Co-President & Joint CEO of Sinotrust announced that Sinotrust’s business revenue in the year 2011 topped 350 million Yuan (US$55 million), which was an increase of 15 percent compared to the previous ... Read More »

Sinotrust Celebrated its 19th Anniversary with the Theme “Create Lasting Brilliance, Trust for the Future”

The evening of April 27, 2012 marked the grand event of Sinotrust’s 2011 annual meeting and the company’s 19th anniversary celebration. The event was attended by founders and leaders of Sinotrust, including its Co-President & Joint CEO Mr. Brook Zhang and Mr. Lei Lin, representatives from Experian China, a strategic partner for Sinotrust, as well as representatives from the Sinotrust ... Read More »

Sinotrust Held 2012 First Seminar of Beijing Auto Information Sodality

Sinotrust, a member of BIIA, continues to make substantial progress in building its vertical information segment by working effectively with important institutions and industry leaders. The “Beijing Auto Information Sodality—2012 First Seminar on Policies and Market” was held at Sinotrust.   Hui Yumei, Director of Sinotrust Automotive Marketing Research Services, pointed out that in 2012 Q1, the Chinese automotive market registered ... Read More »

Sinotrust Receives a High Appraisal for “The Social Satisfaction Assessment Project of Shenzhen Maritime Safety Administration”

At the “Shenzhen Maritime Safety Administration Working Conference 2012”, Sinotrust presented the research results of the “Shenzhen Maritime Safety Administration Satisfaction Assessment 2011”. Sinotrust carried out research oriented to the society and targets on such service channels as the Government Affairs Center of Maritime Department, hot line service, organ and office service, on-site service, Internet service, in addition to the ... Read More »

China Credit Risk Management: Sinotrust Comments on Key Principles

Sinotrust perceives that around 80% of the doubtful accounts in China actually result from negligence and inadequacy in proactive measures, and the rest 20%, even being collected through legal action, cost much more than the accounts paid in.  Building an effective credit risk management function in a company often puts credit risk management in conflict with the sales department. Fu ... Read More »

Sinotrust Launched DealerMapTM—China’s First Automotive Network Management Analysis Solution

Sinotrust, China’s leading automotive marketing solutions provider, launched the DealerMapTM–automotive network management analysis solution on December 13.  The China passenger vehicle dealer network database of DealerMapTM covers the information about 20,000 authorized dealers from more than 100 JV, domestic and imported brands that is collected and updated by Sinotrust since 2005. To read the full story click on this link: Sinotrust ... Read More »

Sinotrust: Credit Risk Management Seminars Help to Manage Risk in an Inflationary Economy

Sinotrust held a series of seminars themed Whole-process Credit Risk Management under an Inflationary Economy 2011 in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou respectively, which were observed by executives and experts from venture capital, credit control and financial sectors in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. In light of complicated economic situation and inherent characteristics of credit management in China, Sinotrust ... Read More »

Secrets to Tackle Chinese Automotive Market Shifts

After being the world’s No.1 in 2009 and 2010, the Chinese automotive market is now facing a totally different situation. The ever-widening European Debt Crisis, the continuous gloom in the global economy, the interim shortage in auto supply caused by the Japanese earthquake and the withdrawal of the government stimulus policies one after another, all this brings an end to ... Read More »

The China Automotive Consumer Trends Report – Jing-Jin-Ji City Cluster Jointly Released by Sinotrust and Auto.Sohu

Sinotrust and Auto.Sohu jointly published the China Automotive Consumer Trends Report—Jing-Jin-Ji City Cluster on November 9. By analyzing consumers’ demographic and social characteristics, and car-purchasing, using and repurchasing behaviors, the Report interprets the purchasing characteristics of auto customers in the Jing-Jin-Ji city cluster. To read the full report click on the attachment: Sinotrust company news_The China Automotive Consumer Trends Report -Jing-Jin-Ji ... Read More »

Vertical Markets: New Localization Model

Foreign auto brands and their Chinese partners will form a new cooperative pattern in further game playing. In the past, Chinese automakers simply introduced its foreign partners’ products into the Chinese market and directly adopted their advanced technologies and managerial models. However, in the new localization pattern, both parties will build a mutual manufacturing and technology platform to produce self-made ... Read More »

Sinotrust’s Latest Analysis on Characteristics of Chinese Luxury Car Customers

According to Sinotrust’s research, the year 2010 witnessed the most rapid development of China’s luxury car market, when sales volume increased from 157,000 units in 2006 to 604,000 units in 2010 with a growth rate over 60% (luxury brands include Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Lexus and Volvo). Two major segmentations within high-end car market are B-segment and C-segment. Specifically, luxury B-segment ... Read More »

Sinotrust: Differentiated Marketing, a Thorny Problem

China’s vehicle parc will soon exceed a hundred million, and the aftermarket is slowly maturing with the rise of the auto maintenance/repair, auto financing, auto insurance, used-car trade, auto culture and auto rental sectors. Under this circumstance, differentiated marketing will become increasingly complicated. Many large auto dealer groups have emerged in the Chinese market.  When conducting marketing activities, these dealer ... Read More »

Sinotrust’s Insights into Chinese Super-Luxury Vehicle Users

China Super-Luxury Vehicle Market Rebounds After an ephemeral negative growth of 10% in 2009, the Chinese super-luxury vehicle market saw a strong rebound in 2010, with the sales volume increasing to 1,900 units by nearly 200%. At the “Auto Policy and Market Analysis Workshop” organized by the China Automobile Dealers Association and co-organized by the CPCA and Sinotrust on July ... Read More »