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Guide to the Global Rating Market

Ratingplatform have released a ‘Guide to the Global Rating Market’.   Following the release of the European Rating Market, Ratingplatform have now extended their research to produce the first global guide on Credit Rating Agencies.  While Ratingplatform have identified more 100+ agencies globally, the report outlines the business profile, coverage, registration status (incl. ECAI and mapping when available) for currently about ... Read More »

Guide to the European Rating Market

Ratingplatform recently published “2014 Guide to the European Rating Market”. This guide covers all ESMA registered, certified or exempted CRA and provides information on the business model of each of these players (market segments covered, number of ratings according to CEREP, revenues, employees). In addition, we guide includes a section on the regulatory framework applicable on CRAs from an issuer ... Read More »

Meet RATINGPLATFORM – An Initiative Supported by EACRA

RATINGPLATFORM has been created to provide a unique global platform for ratings and assessments from high-reputable qualified sources. It is an initiative supported by the European Association of Credit Rating Agencies (“EACRA”) and has therefore European roots. Given the international environment for CRAs, where new legislation is being implemented in several countries and regions, RATINGPLATFORM’s target is to provide guidance ... Read More »