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UK SMEs Look to Alternatives for Finance

GTR reports from Exporta’s UK trade and export finance conference in Birmingham to learn what issues are facing small businesses and how they are addressing them. UK Exports are being held back by lack of funds.  Banks negative attitudes towards unsecured risks have not changed.  Mezzanine and peer to peer lending have become useful alternatives for SMEs.    To access the news ... Read More »

Kodak Files for Bankruptcy Protection

Kodak’s long battle to remake itself for the digital age ended in failure on Thursday as the company that was instrumental in turning photography into a popular pastime filed for bankruptcy. The 131-year-old company said that it had filed for protection under Chapter 11 of the US bankruptcy code, along with its US subsidiaries, but that units elsewhere were not ... Read More »

Kodak Prepares for Bankruptcy: Being a Leader in Technology Does not Necessarily Provide the Guarantee for Longevity

Eastman Kodak, the company which brought photography to the masses a century ago, faces a gloomy future amid new reports that it is on the edge of bankruptcy Never able to rebuild after the digital wave blew its core film business away from the mass market, the Wall Street Journal reported on late Wednesday that Kodak has already begun preparing ... Read More »