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Google Kills More Services

Picnik, Google Message Continuity, Needlebase, and others are on the chopping block this time! After a decade of product proliferation Google is pruning its product portfolio.  Dave Girouard, VP of Product Management said in his recent blog: “As we head into 2012, we’ve been sticking to some old resolutions – the need to focus on building amazing products that millions ... Read More »

Google and Wikipedia in Internet Boycott

For 24 hours starting from 5am GMT on Wednesday, Wikipedia blocked users from viewing or editing all of its English-language pages except for the Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect Intellectual Property Act, the bills it is protesting against. Google has blanketed its Website with ads in response to the pending legislation:  “Fighting online piracy is important. The most effective ... Read More »

BBC Research Exposes Illegal Ads on Google AdWords

Google has admitted to making gains from ‘illegal’ advertisements run by AdWords, its automated advertising system, which included illegal advertisements from fake UK Passports, to cannabis and fake ID cards.  Google said it has a set of policies enforced through humans and machines that could regularize which ads appear on their page, and it would keep any money made from ... Read More »

J.P. Morgan Expects Strong Internet Growth Especially in E-commerce

The equity research team of influential Wall Street player J.P. Morgan expects a strong performance for the online industry in 2012, with strong growth prospects due to the continued popularity of smartphones and tablets and a strong trend towards social and local. Such a forecast would point towards naming Facebook and Google as the strongest prospects, but J.P. Morgan thinks ... Read More »

Eniro and Google Sign Strategic Co-operation Agreement

Eniro, the leading search company in the Nordic region, has signed an agreement with Google, which will make Eniro an authorized retailer of Google AdWords in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The agreement will facilitate cooperation between Eniro and Google in the Scandinavian market, thus enabling new opportunities for all Swedish, Norwegian and Danish companies that want to become more discoverable ... Read More »

Google without Buzz

Google’s business developers thought they could outsmart Facebook.  Well, it did not work out that way.  Buzz will be remembered mainly for its botched launch, which exposed a blind spot in Google’s sensitivity to the privacy of its users. Source:  Financial Times Read More »

SAP and Google Team to Put “Big Data” on the Map

Intuitive Overlay of Enterprise Data onto Maps to Fuel Better Business Decisions SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) announced that it is building on its collaboration with Google to help customers manage large data volumes in intuitive, visual displays and facilitate faster, more-informed decisions. SAP plans to enhance its business analytics software with location-based data capabilities, allowing people to interact with real-time ... Read More »

Baidu and Microsoft to Co-operate in Search in China

Baidu Inc. will use Microsoft’s Bing for some English-language results which is expected to lift Microsoft’s market share in China’s search market.  No financial details of the tie-up between Microsoft Corp. and Baidu were released. China has the world’s biggest population of Internet users, with more than 450 million people online. Global e-commerce, search and other Internet brands have struggled to gain ... Read More »

Decline and Fall of the Google Empire

BIIA’s Chairman David Worlock has discovered a whole band of bloggers through December and January who were arguing that the Web of spam and misleading search of a decade ago, which Google had cleaned up effectively in its early days, had now returned to haunt us – on Google.  We leave it to our readers to link to David Worlock’s ... Read More »